Friday, August 26, 2005

Slacking v2.0

Sigh...what a week. Spent Wednesday in NJ audting a micro contract lab, so that was very fun, getting back into a micro lab again. Our washing machine died again while I was on the trip, so I'm on the search for a new drain pump to get the washer working again....seems like the drain pump doesn't like all of the long hair in the house...I guess I'll have to buy a couple of these pumps, as they seem to last about 2 years in our house.

I did get to play some poker on UB last night...started out with a quick early evening session trying to two table the $10/20 tables...ended up about $200 for the short session, nothing of note, just geeking out some hands and making about $50 on one table and $150 on another. Decided to press my luck after the girls went to bed and played some more $10/20...ended up having my second negative session on $10/20 (now 10 of 12 positive sessions) and lost a chunk of change in doing so...about $600 overall as I continued to get called by terrible players that were willing to see third pair to the river when they should have folded...granted there third pair beat my AK when I don't hit anything, but how can you call down a hand that was reraised pre flop with 7-5, miss the flop the comes 2-8-10 and call a bet, hit a 7 on the turn and call the bet and again call when a Q hits the river...3 overcards on the board and they call down and win the pot with third pair....was simply amazing to watch a whole table of players do this. I was down, then worked my way back up to -$150, then lost a chunk when my K-10 bb saw a flop of A-Q-J for a flopped straight see another Q on the turn and loose to the AQ full house....lots about $200 on that hand alone...just couldn't seem to get on track....of course, every KK, QQ, 1010 I saw was beaten my some numbnut playing A6os and catching an A on the flop and calling it down as well....sigh.

I was able to make back about $150 this morning in a quick 6 handed session at $10/20, as it was the only table going at 6am. Watched a guy that was intent on giving away about $1500 in about 30 minutes, as he raised every pot with garbage and someone at the table would pick him off....I had gained about $200 off his maniac play and then bled back $50 trying to catch him a couple of other times....he seemd to have a great time berating the other players on crushing his cards by being lucky ( KK beat his 10-7 when the flop comes 10-Q-5 and I catch a K on the turn...he bets, I reraise, he reaises me back and I cap on the turn, see a 2 on the river, he bets, I raise, he calls and then calls me lucky.....amazing. He did get paid off handsomely on his one primium hand of the morning (AA) when no one connected on a 3 card heart flop for a flush to take him out...I think one guy chased a 4th heart to the river with the Kh, but missed it...he then proceeded to call everyone fish and talk about how terrible all UB players are and that they were taking his money with their terrible plays....was fun to watch, and I'll be looking for him again when I play over the weekend.

Big fantasy football draft and poker game tonight...can't wait. Then a weekend of house projects, van maintenance and Jen working to get through.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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