Monday, August 29, 2005

Marathon Weekend

With Jen working so much since Thursday evening, I've had plenty of time to scratch my poker itch on UB....I just wish I could say it has been more productive/'s the stats since Thursday evening after putting the girls to bed. And for any family/friends out there, I only play when the girls are asleep or neglect going on can I resist not spending time with them....they are a ton of fun at this age.

Anyway....played about 10 hrs since Thursday night....all at $10/20 UB

Winning sessions: 80% (8 of 10 individual sessions)
Cash +/-: $-77.50

Yep...positive wins on the tables 80% of the time, but two monstrous losses wiped it all out....but considering those two losses were about $1200 in total, I've done pretty well to cancel them out...had a nice $400+ session and numerous +1-200 sessions. I just have to rememeber to walk away from the tables when the cards are running cold and quit trying to make something would think I would learn. Spent the better part of a -$400 session last night looking at 27os, 57os, Q2os, etc, etc, etc.....after folding for two cycles and being down about $50 in blinds, I should have just walked or looked up another table...but instead I sat there and started pushing any decent hand, trying to buy a couple of pots and of course, the numbnuts with 3rd pair just called me down and took the money...was crazy to watch, and hard on the bankroll....but I'm ok with it overall....looking at the numbers and knowing I made back almost all of the moeny I lost takes the sting out of the weekend a bit. That and I'm still up about $900 for the month of August, so overall, it's all very good.

And I'm about halfway to having the eye surgery paid for...if I can hang on and make some more money this week, and continue overall positive for September, then hopefully I can schedule the eye surgery for later this year/early next year....I'll probably wait until after the baby is born, just in case we need the cash for any complications from the baby, but then schedule for January maybe after my vacation time resets. That would be a great way to start the new year.

In other news, Burton & Chris didn't fare so well in Salt Lake City for the Magic tourney...Chris went 3-3 and Burton ended up 4-2-1 to just miss making day 2...very bummed for both of them. Tom LePille made day two and is sitting in a very respectable 27th place in the last update from the tourney...way to go Tom.

Anyway, gotta run, Jen will be home soon, and I have no idea on dinner plans.


10pm...update...just played some more $10/20 on UB while hitting a freeroll on BetonUSA....cleared $125, so I'm officially ending the weekend up $47.50.....yeah, me.


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