Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday morning

Hello all. How about a quick Thursday update while I'm working on my fre cup of coffee this morning? Work has been fueling the masses with free coffee, donuts and fruit all week in an effort to boost morale and reward everyone for the hard work going into the SAP implementation that we've been working on. everyone seems to enjoy it, but for the carb counters, donuts and fruit don't work that well, so I just suck down some coffee all is good.

Anyway, here's a quick run down of what has been going on this past week.....

Monday - stayed up way too late with a long poker session and then a longer WoW session. Poker was a disappointment, as I had my first significant loss (~$200) in awhile at the $5/10 tables. The table had a few maniacs on it, playing 50-60% of the hands dealt and taking down huge pot after pot with premium hands like J6os, 92s, Q3os, etc. My pocket pairs were getting cracked like nobodies business and I struggeled for about 2 hours to try and play tight and make up the loss....was as close to even as -$75 and then lost a $100+ pot with AKs when I flopped the spade draw and a pair of Kings, only to miss the flush draw and loose to a flopped set of 2s....sigh.

Monday ended (or is it Tuesday began) with a WoW session until about 3am. I'm working on getting my Paladin up to a level that I can quest with Burton and Wood (they're both up around 22)...I'm at 13 right now after playing last night. Anyway, I'm pretty addicted to the game right now and enjoying the time away from poker.

Tuesday - sepnt the day at the Ohio State Fair with the family and mike and Leah. The girls had a great time (pictures coming tonight), as they're now tall enough to ride alot of the kids rides by themselves and they loved it. They even mastered the giant slide (the one with the burlap sacks). It was a perfect day, we ate way too much fair food (one day off the diet won;t hurt....and the fair fries are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good). Alan was great all day, and even seemed to prefer hanging with me rather than Jen, which was a first, as he usually prefers clinging to her.

We did have a repeat showing on the house Tuesday evening, but apparently the couple has moved us from their "top 1-2" house to "out of the top 3" house, so it looks like we're staying here through the winter. Jen is a bit depressed about the whole thing, as now we're staring the adjustable rate ARM in the face for next June. Short of winning the lottery, we'll have the house on the market in April and try to unload it next spring as quickly as possible. Let's just hope the Fed doesn't raise the rates again.

Wednesday - nothing of note yesterday....played a bit of WoW yesterday evening with Burton. He helped me complete a couple of very tough quests and level up to 13 in the process. I'm finally getting some quality items to outfit my dude with, so that's pretty cool. Watched the Mythbusters dudes play with Mentos and diet coke, so that was pretty cool as well.

Last thing to comment about is the WSOP....The final table has been set as follows (snagged the data from Pauly at Tao of Poker...thanks Pauly)....

Chipcounts courtesy of PokerWire:
1 Jamie Gold 26.5M
2 Allen Cunningham 17.7M
3 Richard Lee 11.82M
4 Erik Friberg 9.725M
5 Paul Wasicka 7.97M
6 Doug Kim 6.77M
7 Rhett Butler 4.815M
8 Michael Binger 3.14M
9 Dan Nassif 2.84M

Allen C. is the only 'named pro' left in the event and has a good shot at taking the bracelt and $12 million. Now, the interesting thing is the story that broke yesterday regarding Jamie Gold on In short, it looks like the guy may play for second place as opposed to winning the whole thing, as he has expressed that he doesn't want the spotlight and attention that winning the hole event, this may be true, or could be a psychological ploy against his opponents to get them to play more hands against him, thinking that he is dumping chips. Will be interesting to see how things unfold today. Regardless, everyone on the list above is guaranteed more than $1.5 million....sigh.

Anyway, coffee is getting cold and I need to get some work done now. ttfn.


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