Friday, August 04, 2006

Finally Friday

Ugh...what a week....the temp and humidity finally broke last night....actually was able to drive into work with the windows down for the first time in 2 weeks.

Doctor confirmed the poison ivy on my neck and face, so I'm hopped up on roids for the next week. Good thing I'm not a professional athlete or

Played a quick bit of poker last night on BoDog....I'm not a fan of their site layout....buttons seem small and action is pretty slow. But as long as I'm freerolling in some tourneys, I'll make do. Played in another 10k qualifier last night...was doing 10 in chips early on when I ran into the following hand....

Blinds $10/20 - I'm on the button with KK, 8 players at the table. I have about 3k in chips

Two mid position players limp...guy to my right limps (tilted luckbox) , I pop the pot to $200 to weed out the table and/or collect the limp-ins....BB calls me (2.2k) and luckbox calls.

*** side note...Luckbox had just lost about 1/2 his stack to a guy that busted his set of aces with a rivered straight, so he was on a bit of tilt.***

Flop comes 2-A-4 rainbow....the A scares me a bit, but both players check to me and I put out a 1/2 pot continuation bet to see what happens...they both call and I gain little information on where my KK stands....I'm slightly worried about Ax at this point, but the table had been fairly tight/ABC poker, so the $200 preflop bet should have scared Ax off.

Turn adds a 5 to the a straight is now if anyone stayed in with 33 at this point, I'm toast. Checked to me again and I have to make a decision....I either check and relenquish control over the hand, or bet out again and continue to show strength. I push another 1/2 pot bet into the table....BB folds and I get another call from the luckbox. A J falls on the river, prompting a min bet from the luckbox ($20 into a pot of $800????). I reraise him, putting him all in and he gladly calls, showing his J4 suited for 2 pair.

I proceed to call him a huge donky for playing the J4 suited into a $200 pre-flop raise...he said that the $200 raise wasn't that much (WTF - at 10/20 blinds....10x BB raise isn't too much????). He then states that it was a tilt call and chase to the river...then calls me out for not being scared of the A on the flop. I end up loosing about 1/2 of my stack on the hand and get put on tilt for a few hands.

I rebuild my stack over a few hands until I push too hard with A9os and run into a slow played AJ on a A-5-7 flop...he cold calls my late position raise pre-flop and pot sized bet post flop. He check on the turn (10 I believe) and I push to try and chase him off the pot....he hesitates for about a minute before making the call....I don't improve on the river and am left with about $300 in chips with blinds at $30/60....I double up once with AK and then steal some blinds to get back up to around $900 in chips....I push all-in pre-flop with 33 from late position and get called by AK....he flops a K and I'm busted in 17th place. In hindsight, I should have slowed down on the A9 hand, but the guy had been playing pretty weak the entire tourney and had folded to aggressive bets in previous hands...guess he was willing to risk it all with AJ.

Didn't play any $5/10 last night or this morning...watched 'Failure to Launch' with Jen last night (good movie, although I could have done without the naked scene with Terry Bradshaw...ugh)and then grabbed a couple of extra snoozes on the alarm this morning before coming into work. Probably no poker tonight, as Mike and Leah are coming over for some steaks and such. Should be a fun time as always with them. Hopefully will play some poker over the weekend...but will be installing World of Warcraft tonight with Mike, so I may spend some time exploring that game during my 10 day freee trial.

One last thing...if anyone reading this is on UB, please drop me a comment with your screen name. I had to recently re-install Ultimate Buddy and lost all of my old contacts, as then new install didn't carry over any of the names/notes from the previous version....ugh. For anyone that gives me a screen name, I'll respond with the fish list I've accumulated over the last couple of weeks if you're interested.

time for some work now....ttfn.


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