Thursday, August 03, 2006

Streak ends, new one begins

As I mentioned below, I had a nice run of positive session to finish July and eat into the hole I had dug early in the month. August had started out well, with the positive session on Tuesday evening. The run of 8 positive sessions in a row ended yesterday afternoon when I sat down at the computer to do some bills and play a quick session...ended up at a full table of some of the loosest and craziest poker players on the planet....players capping pots with 58os and flopping straights, AA and KK getting cracked constantly, flush chasers galore...seemed like the table had alot of international players (which is unusual for UB) and they were all playing hyper aggressive. I tightened up my play, but had AA and KK cracked by crap hands and then I tilted into playing crap hands as well....lost one medium sized pot with Q9 when the flop came Q high and I bet down to the river to loose to a slowplayed AQ.....then two of the loosest players on the table decide to berate me on my hand choice as they scoop pots with 10-4os and such...crazy. Anyway, I ended that session down $170, breaking my string of positive finishes at the tables.

So as of 7pm last night, I was -$70 or so for the month.

Fixed that last night and this morning...hitting a more normal table last night for +$125 and then a super quick session this morning before work for +$72. So I'm back to +$130 for the month and on a two session streak again.

Not much else to speak of....fantasy football is gearing up again. I'm organizing a league here at work and have drafted into some free ones on and such to see how the players are getting drafted. Nothing too exciting so far.

Getting ready for dinner and such with Mike and Leah tomorrow night, looking forward to steaks on the grill.

Have to call the doctor this morning and try and sneak in real quick...seems like something I pulled out of the flower bed over the weekend may have been of the poison variety, as I have developed an itchy rash on my wrist and neck...time for a steroid shot I guess.

Time to get some work done now....ttfn.


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