Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday Quickie...Tuesday Update

Update from yesterday (below) didn't load correctly for some reason...It's Tuesday morning now and I'm in NJ waiting to catch a van into the city for the day. Will update on anything exciting later tonight.

One quick note....played in a freeroll last night...was playing pretty tight and had accumulated some chips until the following....UTG+3 (me) with 10-10, UTG goes all in for half my stack...I call (its a freeroll and I figure I'm good, as a big PP would have limped to get the action)...he turns over 92os, and I watch in horror as a 9 hits the flop and a 2 spikes the river to take half my stack with the worse hand in poker...unreal.


Getting ready to head out of work to catch a flight to NJ again...spending the next two nights in luxurious Saddlebrook, NJ...wheee. Will be in SoHo (NYC) for the day tomorrow, probably no time to get in any trouble or anything, as we'll be locked into the shuttle service back and forth from way I'm driving a car into the city.

Anyway....HUGE thank you to Jen's mom and Jessica for coming down for the weekend. Allowed Jen and I to have some fun together over the weekend. I discoved on Sat that my limit of ribs is 1.5 racks....the last three bones almost had me in the bushes, but damn were the ribs good. Mike and Leah were excellent company as always (raspberries to the rest of the gang that decided not to know who you are...missed a great time).

Jen and I did some shopping for the new computer desk with little stuff at $100-200 (laminate and cardboard) or solid oak ($700+) not much in between. Will keep looking and see what we find over the next few real hurry, as the family is coming in town this weekend and we don't have time to rearrange the house between now and then anyway.

Played a bit of poker over the weekend....up and down, but overall I'm up $110 from my $300 deposit a couple of weeks ago...not bad since there was a $200 loss mixed in there over two sessions. Also...a note to anyone not play blackjack on any online site....I'm a pretty decent BJ player and I've been getting shelled online. UB is ok...definately is atrocious.....lost what seemed like 30 straight hands...ridiculous.

Anyway...time to jet...ttfn


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