Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday Morning

Wow...what a weekend. Had a great time seeing all of the family for the reunion this past weekend. No major issues or such, just alot of reconnecting and such. Will post pics on the family site (and send pics out this evening from home).

After the last of the family departed yesterday, had some time to pay some poker and finish off HL2:E1. Spent about an hour trying to solve the final puzzle in HL2 before I realized that there was a break between the two trains that would allow me to get to the rocket ammo and blow up the strider, jump on the train and watch City 17 dissolve before my eyes while riding out of town.

Poker was good to me...had two sessions yesterday, both with positive end that's a great thing. If I can get one more session in tonight, then I might be able to erase the losses from earlier this month and at least break even for the month. For the record, I'm still up for the year, but took some beats earlier this month that I've been slow to recover from, mostly due to lack of playing time.

The sessions yesterday were fun, as I had good notes/history with about half of the players at the table, so that helps alot. Best session was yesterday evening (+$112)...started out up $70, only to watch it slide away along with another $70 on some wicked bad beats (KK loosing to 67 suited when he flops a gut shot and chases it to the river to hit...ugh). Turn around started when I was the second recipient of three straight hands where someone on the table showed down AA....all winners for a change. I proceeded to then get hit by the deck....picking up 10-10, KK, 88, AKs, QQ and JJ over the next 10-12 hands...culminating in a nice run in profit to erase the -$70 and get me well back into the positive cash flow for the session. Final hand found me UTG with AA (again), and the table folded to my UTG raise...I showed the hand then left the table.

Time to get some work done...ttfn.


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