Thursday, July 27, 2006

Evening of poker and dead soldiers

Hadn't planned on playing any poker last night...was exahusted after the travelling and needed to get some work done around the after cleaning out a sink drain (ugh...what a disgusting job), fixing Alan's crib and filling in the screw holes on our cornhole set for the weekend, I decided that a little me time was in order. So, after dinner I went down to see what I could find to mess around with. Ended up at a 10-seat $5/10 table with a bunch of solid players that I had played with before, along with at least one huge fish that I had notes on. Unfortunately, the fish left to go play in a tourney before I could cycle into the blinds...but knowing that the majority of the players were solid, tight players made for a very good game. Players respected pre-flop raises and re-raises for the most part, which made stealing a bit easier....played about 75 hands to a nice $120 profit. Kept the stealing to a bare minimum and just played the solid hands...bailing if I missed (keeping the risk at a minimum). About the only hand I pushed on and lost was QQ when the flop came with an A and two others in the pot...they both checked to me and the dude with A7os called me to the river with his top pair and took the pot. Nice to make the note on him that he'll play Ax and juct call to the river though.

After that I went on to about an hour of Half-life 2: episode 1 that I downloaded last week. Amazing game play and graphics...I love it. Chucking granades and rockets around is also a great stress reducer as well. Ended up calling it a night a bit after 10pm with the plan to head to bed only to be captivated by Alton Brown and some tenderloin recipies....mmmm peppercorn crusted filet....just had to watch. And he's such a crazy dude on TV, love the sketches and such that he comes up with.

Anyway, time for some lunch now...going out house hunting again after work, then back to get ready for the family coming into town. Daryl and Heidi are due in late tonight/tomorrow morning. Probably taking tomorrow off from work to spend some time with him and paiting the cornhole set. Planning on a Steelers based design,but probably only time to get the primer coat done for this weekend. Will post pics when they're done if they turn out as nice as I hope.



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