Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Back in Columbus

Nothing of note to post...bankroll was caught in limbo for a couple of days until I realized that UB had transfered the money to my firepay account rather than my neteller account. If I had known, then i probably would have played some poker the last few nights while in NJ...instead I was relegated to freerolls and such. Didn't fair too well either night...last night I was busted by the chip leader when my all in on 10-10 from a ss position was called by KJos, and he catches a K on the flop...mghn....

On the amusing side...on the way into NYC yesterday morning, our van full of LimitedBrands employees was pulled over by one of NYC's finest for the driver making an illegal left turn. Apparently the signs are posted 20 feet off the ground and the driver didn't see it...neitehr did the guy that was in front of us in the little operation, or the two others that were pulled over while we sat there. After reviewing the driver's papers and license, the cop informed all of us that the driver's license was under suspension and that we could be sitting in the van for awhile...we grabbed a map and decided to hoof it the 16 blocks to where we needed to be. At least it was a beautiful day in the city for a walk.

Hopefully will be playing some poekr tonight, now that I have the money reloaded. ttfn.


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