Wednesday, August 02, 2006

July Poker Report

Well...wasn't able to get in another poker session on Monday evening to try and get even for the month, so ended up posting -$230 for the month of July. Not terrible, concidering I was down almost $800 at one point...and that does not account for the $$$ from the tourney over the fourth of July weekend. So, it was a positve month overall.

I did get August started off on a good note last night with a +100 session on UB. Sat down at a full table with 3 other players, so the varience was pretty big early on...once the table filled up, I was able to hit some hands and get paid off to post a positive session. So I'm very happy about that. Did ID two more players that love to play A-rag and chase to the river, so I'll be looking for them as well in future sessions.

Also found out something pretty cool last night....I had played in the freeroll early in July and made the final part of the winnings, I won $60 in tourney entry cash on that I was unaware of until I was registering for the August freeroll and fired up the Bodog site to verify my screen name. So, it looks like I'll be playing some tourneys on in the near future. I'll probably try and take some shots at their 100K guarantee tourney qualifiers and see if I can hit a nice payday on the site.

Nothing much else to report. Working on some travel for work at the moment...August is going to be busy.



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