Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekend Update

Not much to speak of...I placed in the money on Sat afternoon during the freeroll. 2 for 2 on Saturdays the last two weeks. Made it to 5th for $60 in the freeroll and picked up some points in their leaderboard standings. Need to be more diligent about playing in these freerolls every month. Thy typically get 300+ to register, but only about half show up, so you get 15 minutes of blind stealing before UB removes all the dead wood and the playing gets started. I played pretty well....never putting my stack at risk and steadily ammasing chips. Was the chip leader with under 30 players remaining before another guy doubles/triples up to shot past me by 40k chips. I make it to the final table in 2nd or 3rd....we get some short stacks that were happy with their $30 and push all in immediately and then we're down to 7.

I make a questionable play at this point that almost crushed me....I'm on the button with AQs and get a mid-position player (average stack) limping in....I do a pot sized raise for 1/2 his chips, SB and BB fold out and he goes all in. Now, at this point, my brain should have screamed (coin-flip or way behind), but I didn't take time to do anything but hit the call button....of course, he has AA and I don't catch anything to help. This takes about 2/3 of my stack and now I'm short. Fortunatly I get a great run of cards and pick up lots of blinds and antes to work my way back up to 3rd in pretty short order. My final hand again comes from the button with AK suited. mid-position player goes all in, I re-raise all in for another 15k, chip leader in the SB goes all in over the top (uh oh) flip with my AK dominating the shortstack A6, but behind the SB A hits the board and he knocks us both out on one hand....the $60 was a nice addition to the bankroll though.

I did play some limit over the weekend as well, picking up about $100 in some short sessions on UB. Were not easy sessions, as both time I had maniacs at the table that were raising or folding every hand. I actually reported two players to UB from Friday night as I believe they were colluding against the table. They would raise/reraise every opportunity as long as someone else was in the hand, then check/fold to their partner when the other players folded. Hopefully UB will see the same pattern and shut them down. Should hear something today from them.

No sign of the new monitor yet. Hoping it shows up this week, as I've been waiting to download the new Half-life campaign to play on the new monitor....itching to see what it looks like. Jen and I have been shopping for a new desk as well...She wants to get something really nice, so we're taking our time in shopping....also need to physically see the monitor to get a sense of size and such to plan the desk accordingly.

Finally...downloaded and started playing EVE Online thanks to a 14 day free trial from the Ogre in PA. Seems like a pretty cool game...slowly getting used to all the nuiances in the game. Not sure if i'll play once I have to start paying the $20 a month or not. It's not too challenging at this point, as I've just been running missions for the local government....basically courier stuff for now as I skill up, build resources and try and outfit my ship. Will see how far I get over the next 2 weeks and go from there. If any EVE players read this...drop me a note online....player name Martello.

Time to get some work done now...ttfn.


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