Friday, July 21, 2006

Finally Friday

Apologize for the lack of posts this past week...was stuck in NJ for three days with no internet access. Hard to believe how disassociated I felt without emails or blogs to check up on, let alone play any poker while camping out in a hotel room.

The new monitor arrived and is AWESOME. Ended up with a 20" Samsung flat panel from Free shipping and a $60 rebate from the manufacturer pushed the price under $300, so that was a good enough deal for me. The monitor looks fantastic, and I broke it in last night with some tourneys on UB and Titan. Played in the following over the evening:

$30 No limit (UB)
$20 Omaha limit 8/b (UB)
$5 SnG (UB)
Freeroll on Titan
$5/10 limit (UB)

Ended up swinging and missing on all of them. Played solid in the $30 NL event, waded through about 140 players down into the final 30 before busting out when my BB found me with A7s and a free flop with 2 other players. Flop of Q-7-7 had me smiling and betting. An A on the turn had me positively grinning as I bet and was re-raised, gleefully going all in with my full boat, only to see my stack disappear as the other guy turned over QQ for a flopped boat and out I go.

Played pretty wild in the Omaha event. Always seemed like I was just missing on my low hands (A2458 vs A2358), not hitting my nut flushes and so on...was all in on a couple of occasions only to see me rake big pots and survive. Made it again down to sniffing distance of the money (final 30 with 20 paying), but my nut low draw missed on the river and I was out.

Also played in an Ultra turbo $5 SnG...I've cashed in the previous 2 that I had played in, and walked out to a huge chiplead early (had about 6000 in chips with 2 players knocked out). Gave a bit back to try and knock out some short stacks, then the following hand happened...

me - 77 in the BB (400-800) - I have about 5k in chips
Idiot - AQos in early position (4k in chips)
Luckbox - 10-J on button (1500 in chips)

Idiot limps in, Luckbox goes all in...I call the extra 700 and so does the Idiot. Flop comes down 10-J-4....I check, idiot puts in a half pot bet....I reluctantly fold while cursing the idiot (there are 5 players 3 pay)...The cards flip and the Luckbox rakes a very nice pot....oh, BTW, did I metion that a 7 hits the river!!!!!! I tilted and berated the Idiot for tossing the bet in there and forcing me out of the pot. Why he bet with a gutshot draw I'll never know. Luckbox ends up taking me out a few hands later when my JJ runs into his slowplayed AA and I'm done in 4th place. Idiot ended up cashing in the event.

I had registered for the Titan freeroll earlier in the evening (9pm) and forgot about it until 10:30...ran downstairs to find myself still in with about 900 in chips. First hand sees me triple up with KK, about 3 hands later I double off the chip leader with QQ against his 10-10. I wade through for awhile and make it up into the top 20 as the ghosts are weeded from the event. Top 15 play and I finally have to resort to some shortstack play. I end up pushing with 99, getting a call from the chip leader with KJos and he hits the K on the turn to bust me out....again no cash.

However, my luck turned and I posted a profit for the evening with some play at the $5/10 tables...taking about $120 in profit in two short sessions. Bankroll is over $500 now from the $300 I reloaded with after the win. Hopefully I can hit some cash in these tourneys soon and get some breathing room in the bankroll.

Looking forward to the weekend...local Rib and Jazz festival with some looks perfect (78 tomorrow) and Jen will finally get to go along for the ribs. Can't wait.

Time to get some work done and then buzz out of here for the afternoon. Have a great weekend all....



At 12:05 PM, Blogger JvilleWhip said...

Nice recovery on the 5-10. Off hand, where are you playing the live action? UB? Was considering extracting some duckets from Stars and hitting up UB for a while. Haven't been there in a few years but am looking to mix things up a bit. Have a great weekend!

At 11:13 PM, Blogger Fitz said...

Congrats again on the monitor win and cashing that into a nice monitor and reload money. Keep trucking on...I need to play some this week as I am getting withdrawl lol.


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