Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday Morning

Well...pretty quiet weekend. Jen worked Friday and Sat evenings, and then opened on Sunday for a short shift (9-1). This left me with some time to play poker and WoW after making sure the kids were down for the night.

Pretty much stuck with WoW for the majority of the weekend. Hit level 17 yesterday and started to upgrade my armor and such...finally. Not sure where this dude is headed overall, probably a tank/healer as that seems to be what I'm focuing on now. I REALLY wish he had a ranged attack, as I tend to run into most of my problems when I'm trying to fight one dude and 1-2 more show I'm in pretty good shape, but I can't manage the multiple opponents. Would be nice to target and drag each guy out to me and then deal with him, rather than having to wade in and take on all comers. Oh well. Making some friends and such in the game, so that has upped the fun level.

Played 2 freerolls and 3 cash table sessions over the weekend. $5/10 cash table sessions posted a +$180 for the weekend. Nothing to speak of, other than one hand that cost me some initial profit that I had to fight back for....

me - AQh on the button. One EP player limped in pre-flop and I bump. SB folds, BB calls, EP also calls.
Flop - 6-Q-Q rainbow (so I flop trips with the A kicker....nice).
Check to me...I bet, BB calls, EP raises(?), I reraise, BB folds, EP caps(???) and I call. At this point, I had him on either Qx or AA/KK....all of which I beat at this point, so I feel I'm golden for a nice pot.
Turn adds a 7 to the board. EP bets and I call.
River adds a flush and only a weak straight draw. EP checks, I bet, EP raises and I call to see him flip over 66 for a flopped full boat. Ugh. At that point in the session, all the profits I had accumulated were gone and I had to start to rebuild. Luckily, the cards continued to run well and I was soon back up $80 before having to quit the session.

Also played some nickle/dime no limit on Titan, after they gave me a free $5 to mess with again...I have that up to $12 now....will see how far I can run it up in no-limit play.

The two tourneys were nothing to speak of....busted early in the freeroll on UB...late in the first hour and I get QQ, only to run into AKs that flops an A and IGHN.

Also played in a 100k qualifier on Started with about 60 players and we were down to 30 and into the second hour. I was sitting in the top 10 in chips with about 8k and was one of 2 chip leaders at the table. Blinds 100-200 (I think)....

2 players limp and I see 55 on the button. I decided to raise the pot and see where everyone is, so I drop 800 into the pot...blinds both fold, EP limper folds, LP to my immediate right calls.

Flop: 10-10-7 rainbow. LP checks and I put in a pot size bet (1000 into a 1300 pot)...he reraises me an extra 500. I found this an odd reraise, as we had comparable stacks. If he has a 10, then he smooth calls and tries to milk me on the turn and/or river. Same for a draw or overpair...I don't put him on a straight draw, so he either has an overpair (which I doubt from his pre-flop play)....anyway, I don't want any additional cards to fall if he has AK or somthing, so I push all in...he hesitates for a second and then calls with AhJh?????? WTF?????

He calls all his chips with a missed flop and needing a runner-runner draw. Of course, he catches a heart on the turn to make it interesting before spiking a J on the river to send me to the rail. I ask him how he made that call with nothing but overcards to the board and he says..."I don't know".

If anyone reading this can give me some insight on how I should have played the hand differently (outside of not committing all my chips with 55) please let me know...I think I had the right read on the situations and just got really unlucky to not be the chip leader after this hand.

One last thing...purchased the new computer desk (thank you on Saturday. Looks really nice...I'll post pics tonight of the new set-up.

Anyway, enough for this morning....ttfn.


At 4:40 PM, Blogger yurk said...

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At 6:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a detail that must be wrong in the blog. If someone leads out at the pot with a $1000 bet, then the minimum raise possible is $1000 more (you said he re-raised you $500 more which is impossible).


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