Friday, August 11, 2006

1/2 Day Friday in hand and only 4 hours to put in at the office today...wheeeee. Was a gorgeous drive into work today, had the windows down, about 70 degrees. Perfect.

Started the day off with a nice session on UB....Played for about 20 minutes on a shorthanded $5/10 table and walked with $100 in profit. During the time on the table, had JJ, KK, AK and A-10 all hit or hold up to win pots, so that was nice to see for a change after getting quality hands decimiated during the session the other day. always nice to start the day with a boost to the bankroll.

On a different note, I'm considering a lawsuit against the Ohio Lottery Commission. I had received a coupon in the mail for a free $2 scratch off when I buy a $5 scratch when i stopped yesterday to get the MegaMillions tickets, I snagged a WPT (World Poker Tour) scratch-off and a generic $2 dollar ticket. Didn't hit on the $2, so started scratching the WPT ticket. First hand, I hold JJ against the house 7s8s....start scratching and see the board come J, J, 9, I think I have a winner and scratch the prize to see $150,000.....I about pass out and I think I had a heart palpitation....I look closer at the numbers and realize that I do indeed have Quad Jacks, but that the house has 7-8-9-10-Js for a straight flush and I loose. I showed the ticket to Jen and she had to look at it twice to see the same thing...I wonder if I could get anything for the 5 minutes of mental anguish??????

Anyway, Jen's scheduled to work all weekend at B&N, so i doubt I'll get much poker or WoW time in until the evening after the kids all crash.

Congrats to Pauly and the gang for making it through another WSOP...great job guys. Hope to see you all there next year.



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