Monday, June 26, 2006


Been awhile since my last post, so I figured I'd waste a few minutes beflre lunch updating on all kinds of prepared for various topics....

- on the poker front...been playing in numerous freerolls and such on various sites attempting to qualify for WSOP seats or other various events/large tourneys. Have been fairly successful in getting through the first level of tourneys, only to get ousted in the second level with nothing to show for it. Still, I'm happy with my tourney play of late, as I feel I'm playing well and making good calls and reads in most instances. Usually been crippled or ousted from tourneys with the best hand going in, only to watch someone hit a OESD or flush to bust my flopped set or two pair...that's poker I guess.
- I did play in a small live game over the weekend...$5 Bachelor party tourney...8 guys playing. Unfortunatly I was the first busted from the tourney when my initial raise fom UTG with AA (15-30 blinds, raise to $100) was met by a re-raise to $300 from the college student next to me. Everyone folded and I pushed my remaining $700 into the table, to which he stated...."you know what, I'm going to call you"...which I happily said "OK" and flipped over my AA to his KK....elation crushed when the first card on the flop was a K, followed by a Q and J (two spades)...third spade hits the river, giving me a flush draw to my A of spades and a straight draw to the 10. Unfortunatly I missed everything and was bounced from the tourney. My only consolation is that the kid mis-managed the huge chip lead he had to get bounced in 4th with no cash...Dave (bachelor) and Tom (best man) ended up with the cash, so that was as it should be.
- Spent a good portion of yesterday looking at houses in Johnstown and Granville...saw a nice house from the 1920's in Johnstown that was very, very nice....pretty much a lateral move for us...not any bigger, residential lot, similar price range to our current house....but with no offers on our house, we're in a bit of a wait and see situation.
- Danielle and Ashley are currently on their first day of their Ocean Explorer's class through Danielle's pre-K school. Ashley was very excited to be going to school, so that will be fun to hear about later today.

Not much else to discuss....getting caught up on work projects and planning trips for July/August/September. Hoping to be in Vegas in November with Rick & Mary, which should prove to be a really fun time. Hope we can work out the details.



At 11:59 AM, Blogger "The Rake" said...

Poor Dave - All he did was win money for his new wife to go shopping with!.


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