Monday, March 27, 2006

The streak ends

11 straight positive sessions at $5/10 came to an end when I lost a buy-in on Sat evening on Paradise on a very loose and wild table. Had one guy at the table that only knew two comments..."FU" and "Dummy"...he pretty much berated anyone that beat him with the "FU" and then called them a "dummy' if they called him to the river and he beat them. There were three of us at the table that started berating him back, and I played way to aggressively at him in trying to bust him, as I saw him show some very marginal hands, especially when he three-bet pre-flop into my AA with Q3os and caught a Q on the flop...he led the betting to the river when I popped him for a check raise, which he called with top pair and my pocket rockets crushed him. I know it's risky playing AA like that, but the board was scattered and I really didn't think he could beat me....of course, if he catches a 3 then I'm toast, but it was worth it to see what he was playing, as he was able to win numerous pots against other players by raising and reraising and bullying them out of pots. Was fun to see the table turn on him and we collectively busted him...but I was out about$100 in the process, then proceeded to loose the rest in two hands....pocket 9's flop a set but get caught by 6-2 suited chasing down a flush draw and catching on the river....then my AKos flops an A, turn a K and loose to a flopped set of 2s. Nothing I could really do about either hand, but they pretty much delpeted the rest of my buy in for the evening. I am almost half-way to clearing my bonus on Paradise, but have cleared about $1200 at the tables over the course of the last 10 I'm quickly becoming a convert to the Paradise $5/10 games.

Can't wait to hear the stories from Pauly and the gang from their weekend in Vegas and the tourney at the Playboy mansion. If I had known ahead of time, I might have been able to extend my stay in La to catch up with them last week, but probably better off that I didn't, as painting and moving furniture all weekend was MUCH more fun....

Not sure how much poker I'm going to get to play in the coming weeks, as we're getting very close to putting the house on the market, so lots of little projects that need to get done between now and then. I may be crawling under a sink tonight to clean out a trap that is clogged, as well as touching up some paint and such in some of the rooms of the house. Not to mention cleaningout the garage at some point in time, staining the last of the woodwork in the basement, etc, etc, etc. Hopefully wll have enough time to complete my bonus at Paradise in the next week or so.

Back to work now...have to finish my expense reports from last fun fun.



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