Monday, March 13, 2006

Getting too old for weekends like this

but had a great time all goes a review of the weekend for everyone.

Friday night
Drove across town to deal at Rainman's home poker tourney. Tourney scheduled to start at 7, cards in the air around 7:45 after everyone is setteled into their chairs. Didn't have any problems dealing, the players were great to watch from the dealer's chair, as I've played and will continue to play against many of them. No issues of any kind, watched Bishop go from a very short stack when we're down to 2 tables and work his way to the chip lead and finally 2nd place overall...great work in managing a short stack and a nice run of cards. Wrapped up the tourney and got home around 2:30am.

Sat morning & afternoon
After numerous wake up calls from Danielle (7am, 7:20, 7:35 and 7:50) I finally decide that I need to give into reality and crawl out of bed. Grab some coffee and brakfast and feel fairly human. Watch the kids for a bit while Jen runs some errands and then Danielle and I are off to Dublin to watch Dave and Amanda test for their next karate belts. Danielle really got a kick out of watching the students perform their forms with the swords, kai, sticks and such....not to mention the "jumping, kicking and punching". Congratulations to Dave and amanda for both passing their tests and advancing their belts. Was very impressed by the slow motion forms they both did, as I know the amount of concentration and training it takes to do them correctly over the course of 10-15 should be very proud of your accomplishments.

Sat evening
Jeni, Todd, Phil & Jahnine all stopped by for dinner Sat evening. Was absolutly fabulous getting some time to catch up with all of them for a couple of hours. Really need to spend more effort this summer in getting to Toledo and letting all the kids get together and such. Can't believe that Zoe and Sven are approaching their teens already....hard to believe that they're that old already. Met up with the gang at the "Thirsty Ear" to listen to Todd's band play some great blues for a couple of hours. Wish I had gotten their earlier, as it was SRO at 9:30 and my back was really aching by 11:30 when we finally got a table at the back of the room. Mike and Leah also stopped by, but I didn't really get to do much more than introduce them to the Toledo gang before the band started again and it became impossible to talk. Thank you Mike and Leah for coming out...sorry I didn't get to talk more to you....of course, a few more drinks and the Toledo gang would have been spilling all kinds of dirt about me from my Toledo days...probably a good thing you split when you did for my sake. Anyway, I headed home around 12:30 and crashed around 1am.

Oops.....two things I forgot to add....played a little poker on Sat morning for another positive session....and my mother called to see if she could stop by on Sunday morning to see the girls. She wanted to make sure we would be home, and more importantly if she could bring Dave along, since they were in Findlay seeing his grandkids on Sat.

Bandit had me up at 8am to go out while Jen and Alan were at church. A friend from work stopped by around 9:30 to pick Bandit up to take him to a pet expo for the day and use him as a test dog for her pet massage therapy. Apparently he had a great time and was well behaved for the day. He slept like a log after he got home, so I know he at least had some exercise for the day. Mom and Dave met all of us at 11:30 at Bob Evans for brunch and small talk...then came over to the house until about 2 or so and spent some time with the girls and Alan. Nothing to speak of for the visit...everyone was cordial and polite, so no firworks.

Jen had to work at 2, so I spent the rest of the day with the kids. Ran to Westerville to pick up some packing boxes for the 'hopefully' upcoming move (Thanks again Kelly). Watched the Buckeyes loose the Big Ten tourney championship and a probable number 1 seed in the national tourney....they looked pretty tired at the end of the game, so resting between now and Friday will be very good for them as they look to advance deep into the tourney.

No problems with the kids for the evening. Watched a couple of movies and had the girls off to bed around 8:30. Ashley has been kind enough to give me her cold, so I'm feeling pretty rough around the edges (lack of sleep and cold = cranky Mike at work), therefore I'm taking a half day to get some rest this afternoon before we go out and look at the house in Granville this evening.

Did hit a loosing session last night to break my string of 9 positive sessions in a row. Dropped a buy in at the $5/10 tables ($250) over about 45 minutes of cold cards, ill-timed bluffs and generally loose play on my part. Not to mention a really discouraging time in dealing with UBs lags and hiccups over the first 20minutes or so....probably played for over an hour, but spent about half that time with the server freezing the game for up to 10 minutes at a time. Lost 2 hands to these lags, as I had entered a hand, had the system freeze and me miss the rest of the hand in having to take care of Alan and getting timed out when the system restarted. I filed a complaint on the lost cash with UB CS....will see if they do anything about it.

Spent the balance of the evening loading more tunes on my iPod from some old CDs...found my AC/DC and GNR cd's buried in a box of video tapes and such from the last house, so i'm happily listening to them here at work on the iPod...greatest invention since sliced bread in my opinion.

That's pretty much it. Time to slide though the next hour or so and then head home for a nap.



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