Monday, March 06, 2006

Ups and downs this weekend

had some time for poker over the weekend. Played on a great 5/10 table on UB on Friday night...was hitting every hand I played and walked away with $300 over the course of about 30 minutes. Was a great session.

Proceeded to give most of it back over the rest of the weekend. Had a set cracked when a numbnut called two re-raises on his gutshot draw and hit it on the pair, no flush, just a gutshot to fill his K high straight when the Q hits on the river. Then when I complimented him on his chase he responded that "this wasn't the time for lessons"....So I proceeded to crack his KK a few hands later when I hit my flush on the river with 7-10s. This opened a pretty cool dialogue between us that was very cordial. He admited to chasing the straight as I chased my flush, so we were cool.

Lost to some other weak players....had my AKs busted when I missed on the flop and turn, betting both times only to get called down by K6s that catches a 6 on the river to pair up and win the pot. No mind you, there was no flush on the board that did show a Q and a 10, so I had the straight draw, but he had nothing at all and called down to win with a pair of 6s. Bah.

Anyway, pretty much back where I started at the beginning of the weekend, but did once again prove that I can still play this game and will continue to work on building the bankroll in the coming weeks.



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