Monday, February 13, 2006

Slacker me a posts for over a week. Having the poker gods repeatedly kicking me in the junk for the past 6 weeks has me pretty dispondent as far as writing anything...My online bankroll is under $100 for the first time since October and I'm reduced to playing $5 SnG tourneys and $20 buy-ins at the $0.25/0.50 NL tables...sigh.

Was hoping to rebuild the bankroll after working some charity casino events for $140 over Super Bowl weekend.....


wow...where did that come another person took control of the keyboard when I typed Super Bowl...


heck...there it is again...interesting....

anyway, was hoping to seed the bankroll, but the kindly state trooper felt the need to cite me for 71 in a 55 and a resulting $120 in much for the poker bankroll. At least the family account didn't take the hit.

Here's a bad beat for y'all to show how my luck has been running....

I get AA in early position at a .25/.50 table....I've worked my $20 up to $35 with some tight play and my raises were getting respected. I raise to $2 and get one caller in late position. flop comes A-3-7 rainbow and I toss $3 into a $4.75 pot. Other player comes over the top for $ I have top set and there is no flush or real straight draw here, so I put him on AK or 33 or 77 for the smaller set....all of which I crush at this point, so I go all in knowing I have the best hand and he's drawing almost dead here...I have him covered by about $5 and he instacalls my all in.....with a set of 7s....I gleefully watch the blank on the turn and then double over in agony as the poker gods see fit to deliver a sledgehammer blow to my junk with the case 7 hitting the river giving the dude quads to my full boat. He gleefully types 'sucker' in the chat box amid a chorus of OMG and holly crap comments from the rest of the players. I'm sure he thinks he's a great player.....but he's stacking the money and I'm dry heaving in the trash can.

I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things on the tables here soon...otherwise the summer blogger event is in dire jeopardy for me, as I can't afford to use family money with us house hunting and all. Hopefully some more dealer events will pop up soon and I can get back into the swing of things soon.

Headed to Chicago for the week...may try and hit a casino in the area depending on what the rest of the audit team wants to do. I think there is a Harrah's casino property in East Chicago, IN that is only about 20 minutes from downtown. Who knows, maybe I'll have some luck with live play over the damn internet.

Hope everyone is doing well...ttfn.


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