Thursday, March 16, 2006

not much to blog about

Haven't played any poker since the weekend...hopefully that will change tonight as Jen is working and I should be able to play some poker after the girls get to bed as long as Alan is content to hang with me while I play on UB. Will see how he is doing this evening.

Decided to pass on the house in Granville...nice house, but not one that Jen and I loved, so we decided to keep looking. Granville may be too much for us, so I think we're going to go back and look in the Johnstown area...good schools and nice community, so will fit us well.

Big weekend and week coming up...Jen working tonight and tomorrow, Dealing on Sat night, Jen working on Sunday then I head for CA on Monday for the week. Gotta get packed and all on Sunday, then hopefully play in the blogger tourney on Sunday evening. Doubt I'll get to make the Commerce or Bicycle on this trip, but we'll see what happens.

good luck in your tourney pools...I'm hoping to win the perfect pool prize and a cool 5 Million....wheee.


Quick update....just paid off my remaining student loan from college....15 years after graduation and my loan is paid off....HOORAY!!!! Before anyone asks, I had my loans delayed through grad school, and through a mistake at loan company, they added 5 extra years to the deferment, so I only started paying on the loans in 1998.

But HOORAY none the less.


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