Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ohhhhhhh What a night

Not sure what UB did during their recent server upgrade, but man is it paying off in spades for me. Played 5/10 for a little over an hour yesterday and racked up over $600 in profits. Bank roll back into four figures now and I'm happy as a clam.

It was a pretty interesting evening....started out datamining UB for an hour while I took care of the kids...baths and bottles and such. After everyone was asleep, and after realizing Lost was a repeat, decided to find a table and see what might happen. So sat down at a short-handed 10-man table and started working away. Was getting hammered to start with....JJ getting cracked by Ax, AA getting cracked by JJ spiking a J on the river after we both bet the heck out of the pot...that one hurt bad. Anyway, my $300 buy-in was down to about $40 when two guys left the table and we were playing three handed. At this pont the deck warmed up to me and I started catching solid hands for a three handed game. And started hitting flops finally....suited connectors flopping straights, pocket pairs hitting sets, etc. Pretty much broke the other short stack on the table for his $150 when my pocket 9s hit a set on a ragged flop and cracked his limped KK for about $120...cleaned out his remaining cash two hands later when my 89s flopped the nut straight and cracked his flopped set of sixes.

The table had started to fill back in at this point and the deck continued to warm up to me. At this point I was back up to about $250 and then hit the following run of hands...

A-10os...flop K-J-3 rainbow, Q completes the straight and I win a 5 handed pot for +$160
KK...flop 2-7-10, guy chases a weak flush draw to the river and then pays me off on the river when he misses...+$60
QQ...everyone folds to my pre-flop raise
AA...get 3 callers to my raise UTG+1 (right after the QQ hand)...rainbow flop and 3 guys call me to the river with low pocket pairs or mid-pairs on the board +$90

So, now I'm sitting with about $550 at the table and feeling like the king of the world. Play a couple of additional small pots and walk away from that table +$297 to give Alan another bottle. He falls back to sleep and I head back downstairs to see if my run can continue.

Sit down at a different $5/10 table with $200 and wait for the BB to come around. See two guys at the full table that are playing almost every hand, starting with a pre-flop raise and then just trying to bully people out of every pot....not sure if they are working together, but feels fishy. So the BB hits me with AA to start out the session and I'm smiling again. True to form, one of the lunkheads raises from mid-position and gets me and 4 others to see the flop. No one was respecting his raises anymore. The flop comes A, 3, 3 (2 hearts) and I have a full boat....I check from the BB and wait for him to generate the action for me....checked to him and he starts the betting....I cold call and the guy to my left raises, the maniac 3 bets and I cold call again, only to see the guy to my left complete, with 4 people capping the betting post flop. A blank hits on the turn and I check to the maniacs who don't disappoint, betting and raising with little regard to the cards on the board. A couple of players have dropped from the madness and three of us see the river, which completes the heart flush on the board. I decide to bet from the BB and see what they do at this point. I get raised and reraised, allowing me to cap the pot and they both call off the bets and show down a QQ and a 10-J hearts...I don't understand the QQ player forr playing so aggressively with an A on the board when 5 players saw the of them had to come in with an A of some kind. And I'm sure the guy who hit the flush was pretty happy when he hit it, only to see my boat take down the huge pot. I cleared about $150 on that hand alone and coasted around the table 3-4 times taking down a couple of pots to walk away +$200 for that session, as I had to get Alan who had started to fuss again.

By the time I get back to thecomputer with Alan, the table had collapsed and I was forced to head off to another table to push my luck on the night...found one seat open at a 10 seat table and waited for the BB to come around. No amazing hands to talk about, just some tight play and a couple of good hands that stood up and I finish at 10:30 with another $100 in profit. Alan was cheering me on the whole time as I added to the bankroll.

Man...was so nice to write about a positive night. Looking forward to dealing at a tourney this weekend and catching up with some local players, then hanging with not one but two sets of old friends that will be in Columbus this weekend for various events. Hoping to catch up with Dave and Amanda on Sat morning during their tourney and then Jeni and the gang from Toledo down at Easton with Todd's band. Going to be a great weekend.



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