Monday, March 20, 2006

How sad is this

I'm currently live blogging from the Vegas airport as I wait to catch a flight to LA. Should have planned better and left more time for the layover...only 45 minutes and plane just showed up, so I have to pack up and stand in line for Southwest. Almost played a slot machine, but resisted at the last minute.

more from LA later.

Made it to LA and drove down to southern LA without incident. Had a great evening with Ernie (our West Coast QA Director) with dinner and a small Italian place....lobster ravioli...mmmmm

Want to thank Iggy for setting up the tourney the other night...I was only in for about 30 minutes, as I had my flopped set of 4s cracked by a flopped set of Qs....oh well. I also lost a chance to double up early when my 99 hand flopped an open end stratight draw (6-7-8 rainbow)...faced a bet from the blind and I went all in to try and steal the pot...he had KK and I was behind, but had outs...which all came together when the 10 hit on the turn, only to be followed by the 9 on the river to put a 5 card straight on the board and a split pot....sigh. Anyway, I'm up about $500 since Sunday on Paradise....the $5/10 tables are just as juicy on Paradise as they were on UB, so I'm happy to work off the bonus on Paradise while Ub gets there act together.

Time to get to the gym and then ready for the day here in La....ttfn.


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