Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Quick update - No poker news

been working on getting all the little projects done around the house before getting it on the market here in the next week or two...Jen's hoping to have a sign in the yard by Easter. Fixing sink drains ( clogs) and touching up paint jobs are all just gearing me up for tackling the disaster that the garage has become since my back surgery 2 years ago. Hoping to get some general cleaning/garbage collection done between now and Friday, then focus on a huge reorg and downsizing over the weekend if the weather cooperates and I can put stuff in the driveway to help with the reorg.

Hopefully get some time in for poker tomorrow...haven't played since loosing the buy-in on Sat, so I'm hoping to get the girls in bed and then Alan and I can hang out together and play some poker until Jen comes home from work.

Have my first CQA course tonight up in New Albany. 8 weeks of prep classes to get ready for my certification exam in June. Looking forward to the classes, as I've always enjoyed the learning aspect of school and classes, just the exams and papers that I dread.



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