Monday, January 23, 2006


What can I say but.....WOW!!!! My beloved Steelers are going to Super Bowl XL to face the stinking birds from Seattle. While I firmly believe that the Steelers will win the game, I do hope for an enjoyable Super Bowl....plenty of Iron City will be flowing on Feb 5th.

Thouroughly enjoyed watching Jake implode yesterday....have never liked him since his college days, so was enjoyable watching him throw the ball to the Steelers all afternoon.

Congrats to The Bus for making it to the big game. A ring will be the fitting end to a HoF career, not to mention one of the classiest guys in the NFL finally getting his dues.

I apologize for the lack of updates in the past week...spent last week in LA on business...didn't make it to the Bike or Commerce :-( for any poker. Instead played in the hotel room and proceeded to drop the majority of my bankroll at the $10/20 tables, as my positive run has finally crashed this month. My bankroll has shrunk to $500 in the course of three short weeks. I pulled the cash off of UB last Tuesday when I hit another down session and have been reduced to playing $1 SnG on UB fo rthe past week. Has been nice playing NL after focusing on limit games for the past 6 months...have posted a profit over about 10 SnGs....up about $8 total after cashing in 7 of the 10 tourneys. I'm going to sit back and avoid the cash games for awhile and nurse my bruised and battered ego back to some books and dig through my PT stats to see if I've gone off the deep end somehow these last few weeks. Then start over again with $500 and start building the bankroll again. Such is the life of a poker player.

back to work now....ttfn.


At 3:07 PM, Blogger Frank Nagai Jr. said...

Hang in there Moe. I've been on a similar downcycle where it seems like I never catch my draws, and I never win with the best hands, but it can't last forever. Solid poker will eventually pay off.

At 9:19 PM, Blogger Blonde said...

I am not really into either team. However, I will go with the OTHER PA team, the Steelers, to win. I have friends in Pittsburgh and they and their city are going crazy right now.


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