Sunday, January 15, 2006

Finally Breathing

WAY TO GO STEELERS....most gut wrenching final 5 minutes I've ever seen. So glad that Bettis' fumble didn't cost them the game, as that would have been a terrible way for him to retire. Now a game against the Broncos and hopefully the Super Bowl in a few weeks.

Poker has been brutal this month...bankroll has taken a serious hit over the past couple of weeks. Need to regroup this week with some reading and get my head back on straight about playing...have found myself getting sucked into loose wild tables where I end up seeing almost any flop if I have anything PT stats are wild and I shoudl know better. A few days away from the computer and travelling to CA should help get me focused again. May try and hit the Bicycle or Commerce for some live play, but chances are pretty slim, as there is a pretty large group of co-workers on the trip, so will most likely have to stick with the group.

Next update will be from sunny (hopefully) CA....ttfn.


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