Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wild Wednesday


Other than yesterday feeling like a Monday on a Tuesday, it's now Wednesday and it's all down hill from here. Here's a run down of the last few days....

Sat - Made a quick trip to Toledo for a funeral in Jen's family. Stopped for a quick visit to see Dad in Genoa and then headed home to try and get Jen back to Columbus by 5pm for her shift at B&N. Was hitting Delaware at 4 and ran into a speed trap by the friendly State Troopers on Rt 23. Long story short, they 'clocked' me at 71 in a 55 mph I had the cruise set at 70 in the 65 mph zone and slowed down when I hit the 55 zone....I know I was doing 63-65 and would have accepted a ticket for that speed....but 71 was then next fine bracket, so I'm guessing everyone was doing 71 or better on Sat that got pulled over. I contemplated fighting the ticket, but decided that a days vacation to go to Delaware and hang out for the day was not worth the effort of saving a couple of I now have my first points and speeding ticket in about 18 years....sigh.

Sun - Spent a lazy day around the house...Jen had to work 2-close, so spent most of the time playing with the girls and such. Nothing that much exciting.

Mon - Did some yard work...cut the whole yard for the first time in about 2 months...spread some new seed to fill in some of the bare/thin spots...just hoping it takes in the yard this fall....$50 to grow a weed in my yard so I can mow it every week....unreal.

As for poker, I made a decision to step back to the $5/10 tables on UB....after playing a month of $10/20 on UB and seeing the variance that my bankroll was taking...numerous small positive session (+50-250) and a few significant losses (-200-500) indicate that I'm not ready to ride out that kind of variance....while my month was still positive (+$900), I finished with a couple of huge loss sessions over the last week...dropped $1000 in one session (yes, 1 grand) and $800 in still be positive by $900 for the month just shows how good the month was for me....but I can't count on that all the time and need to step back to a managable limit and continue to develop my game.

My biggest hurdle at this point is to recognize a cold deck and walk away with the minimal loss....there was no reason for me to sit there and piss away the whole grand last week...and to add insult to injury, my last $150 was lost with me sitting AA and a guy calling the pre-flop raise with K3os and catching a K and 3 on the flop to beat me.....go figure. I think I'll make a sign of the Mike Caro quote regarding the money you don't loose at a table is just as valuable as the money you win at a table.....I'll hnag that above my computer and hopefully that will help cure me of this issue.

On a good note, I've had 5 straight positive sessions since going back to $5/10 on UB....up about $500 for the month already in 6 days, so that is very good. Cards have been running very good for me since dropping back in a matter of fact, I took QQ to a big pot over AA and KK when I hit a 8Q8 flop for the full boat and they followed me down to the end for a $200 pot...was very happy with that one.

In other poker news....I've opened up an account at Titan working off a $50 bonus now and started it in fine style this morning....decided to play some $1-2 no-limit this morning before work for the hell of it....dropped $40 on a table with 5 other players, played 5 hands (one circut) and walked from the table with $120. Last hand saw me with AJ suited UTG, everyone called my $5 bump to see a rainbow flop of J-9-5 giving me top pair, top kicker....blinds check to me, I fire another $5 in the pot and they all call....Turn hits a 3, they all check to me again and I fire another $5 in the pot....figuring if anyone had something better that the J they would raise and I could then make a decision....they all call again.....River bring a K which worries me a bit....they all check to me and I fire $10 into the guys folds, the others call and my pair of Js take down a huge $80 pot.....I then walk with my tidy profit and get ready for work with a smile on my face for the quick profit.....Titan Poker has some nice freerolls and Sit-n-Go 5-6 SnG's in a row and you can make 20-40k off the site, so I may give that a go if I can get enough money in the bankroll to support it....will have to see how fast I can work off the deposit bonus as well on the ring games.

If anyone is interested in signing up to Titan, just drop me your email and I'll send you a get $25 for signing up this way, so it's a great deal (mvilla at

back to work now...ttfn


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