Monday, March 19, 2007

Sitting in te Hartford, CT Airport

Just finished a vendor audit and I'm enjoying the free wireless here in Hartford while waiting to get home. Halfway through a Ten Penny Ale (yummy) and waiting for a burger and fries for dinner before hitting the 6:30 flight home.

On the home front, we are successfully in contract on our house. The offer I mentioned below was finalized on Friday afternoon and we're all set. The home inspection is scheduled for Friday morning, and barring any issues, we'll be out of here by April 19th. Can't believe it.

We'll be in temp housing (ie, small rental property) while the new house is being built. Hopefully, we'll be in the new place in around 6 months, which means October...but we're hoping sooner, as we'd like to get setteled before the school year starts, but I doubt that a 4 month build is possible. We have a meeting on Sat to start working on some of the design elements for the house already....have to meet with all of the specialists (excavator, driveway, builder, waste, etc) as we'll be on well water and a private septic system, so all of that fun to deal with. Jen said she's been getting phone calls all day, so she's already going a bit nuts, but we're just happy that the house sold as fast as it we have to get out in four weeks.....ugh.

Burger just arrived, so I need to take care of that before it gets cold....ttfn.


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