Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Poker update

Actually played some poker over the last few days (WoW was done for some patch uploads and such...what's a guy to do when Wow is down but go play poker).

With all of the recent shutdowns and lockouts in the online poker community, I'm glad I've weened myself off the daily poker addiction and just play when I feel like it now. is still my home for now...hopefully they won't break to the pressure of the crappy US laws and will continue to allow US players to least as long as I'm travelling for the next few weeks....While I hope to see the sights, I expect there will be some down time in the hotels to mess around on the poker tables while watching Chinese TV....can't wait.

Anyway, picked up a profit of about $50 over the last few days across 3 sessions of 0.25/0.50 NL 6-handed poker....probably represents about an hour of playing, so $50 and hour is fine with me. Nothing notable as far as hands or suck-outs.....I did crack AA once the other day when I caught my set on the turn when he slow played the rockets on the flop and then tried to milk the table post-flop for a small bet. Caught the set for cheap on the turn and made him pay for his slow-play with check-raising on the turn and then a pot-size bet on the river which he reluctantly called. I did see a guy catch a straight flush on the river when his 6-7s caught an OESF draw that he called down to the river to see his straight flush connect on the river and crack KK and 10-10. They gave him hell for it, but they didn't start betting at the pot until after the turn and he had odds to make the call with his outs.

Only other notable hand was a joker that called my $3 pre-flop bet (I had JJ) from the BB. Flop of 2-6-9 rainbow....called my half-pot bet. 10 on the turn...he tried to check raise my $5 bet, I pushed my $25 into the pot and he called, showing 77 and missing his outs on the river for a nice $40 profit on the one hand. Not sure why he would risk the cash on a gutshot straight with mid-pair....I was betting like I had an overpair to the board, so he had to know that he was drawing thin.....but then again, he dropped $70 into the table over 20 minutes by playing every hand and getting run over once we figured him out. Walked away with about $20 to the stats showed I saw 38 hands, winning 2 for the happy to get away from a cold table with a profit at all.

I'm keeping an eye out for using my free tourney entry on from the BPT. I believe I get a free entry into a grand finale tourney, which is typically a $200+ buy-in tourney that awards a WPT/WSOP type seat for the winner. May be just the ticket for an evening while I'm travelling over the next few weeks if I can catch the right tourney.

Anyway, the blog will most likely be a travel log for the next couple of weeks as I travel overseas....take care all.


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Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself


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