Friday, January 06, 2006

Reporting the good and bad

Just so it doesn't appear that I win all the time...reporting that I dropped $400 last night at $10/20 on UB...was up quickly about $110, then gave it away to a loose player when my small pocket pair didn't improve on a ragged flop and he caught a Q on the river to after calling my bets on the flop and turn for a decent pot.

Played pretty normally for me...nothing paid off...when I had a strong hand pre-flop, everyone folded to my pre-flop raise....when I had a drawing hand pre-flop, 7 people limped into the pot and I missed almost every time. There was a ton of money to be made at the table, I just couldn't catch anything to get some of least 4 calling stations that would call down any hand if they saw the flop, regardless of what they had...was pretty sad to not take their money and leave the table down $400. Plan on getting it back this weekend.

BTW....Iggy finally agreed to a bet on the Steelers-Bungals game this weekend....$50 and he wanted a point, so that's the bet. He said no way to wearing a Steelers jersey at the next WPBT event.....chicken.

Not much else...back to work...ttfn.


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