Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Profit while thinking of home

I'm sitting in a pretty posh room at the Sheraton in St. Louis, MO for a vendor audit tomorrow morning and get the chance to play some online poker while listening to the Penn State/FSU game (Go Penn State...gotta root for the Big 10...and I HATE FSU...that damn tomahawk chant is like fingernails on a chalkboard in my head...Penn State up 14-13 starting the second half).

Anyway...played about 60 hands of $10/20 tonight...nice profit of $331 for my efforts....while I'm happy about the results, just finished with a call from home and it seems like Alan is not feeling well...been sick a few times today (which is unlike him...he's shown an iron stomach so far) but not showing any fever...he's scheduled for a 1 month check-up tomorrow, so I'm sure they'll give him a good looking over and make sure he's ok. First time he's sick and I'm stuck here in MO....feeling pretty helpless about the whole thing...wish I was home helping Jen with the girls and Alan.

Thanks to April for taking the lead on the next Blogger get together...looks like the leading candidate is the weekend of July 9 out in Vegas....not sure if that will work for me or not...was hoping to make one of the $1000 buy-in events and they're not on that weekend...so will have to see how the bankroll builds over the upcoming months. Almost to the surgery level now...just need to build past that so I can get the surgery done and still have a bankroll left to play on post surgery, not to mention WSOP cash. Here's hoping for many, many more profitable sessions.

BTW....looks like Iggy and I are in the process of wagering on the Steelers-Bungals game this weekend....any suggestions on a wager from the bloggers....I'm leaning toward the looser having to buy a team jersey for the winning team and wearing it at the next blogger event....but cash may enter the picture. Since my Steelers are favored in the game, I'm letting Iggy set the stakes....LMK if any of you have any ideas.

Second half getting going...time to watch the game....ttfn


At 8:10 AM, Blogger April said...

There is a 1K event that Monday...I might play in one of those as well, if the bankroll allows.


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