Friday, October 28, 2005

Finally Friday

- request for all readers...I'm trying to compile a list of famous poker hands as related to players (ie 10-2 os for Doyle Brunson). Please post any hands and pros in the comments section. Thank you.

ahh yes...the weekend is nigh upon us....and for once I have no travel plans in the foreseeable future.
No travelling to Toledo.
(Jen is committed to staying home for the remainder of the pregnancy, anytime in the next 5 weeks now)
No travelling for work until the Vegas trip in Dec.
(see note above...5 weeks and counting).

Jen is finished with work after Saturday until February or so (again, see note above...35 days and counting - 5 weeks for those with math impairments)....

Agenda for weekend:
Carve pumpkins
watch OSU on Sat.
Play various poker tourneys over weekend (WWdN tonight, RPG freeroll on Sat, WAPT tourney on Sunday)
Play additional $5/10 as time will allow...I'm finally positive on the month after a nice, quick $250 last $150 to the good on the month. Considering the swings I've had to endure during some sessions, I'm happy at this point to just say I'm positive on the least will be able to make next months car payments again from the poker fund....huge thanks to anyone that I have played poker online (UB/PS) against over the last 6 months, as you've allowed me to make every car payment on my little blue Focus so far.....THANK YOU!!!!!
Sleep some more
Watch some NFL on Sunday...probably get stuck with the Browns or Bungals least the Steelers play on Monday night, so that will finish the weekend in style.
Celebrate Ashley's birthday on Sunday (Monday will be trick-or-treat, so no time for cake and presents).

ahh....sounds good to me.

As for the poker stuff...I may just switch to PS for the next couple of weeks....I've been able to make all my $ back on PS after loosing most of the $ on UB....I'm positive on 10 of 11 PS sessions ove rthe month, clearing about 2k in the process, while loosing that much at $5/10 and $10/20 on UB....may take some time off the UB site and just play on PS while I'm making money. Course, I have about $600 in bonus money on UB to play off, but with their reduction in their points system (each hand is now worth a max of 0.5 points or $0.05), that means I would have to play about 12,000 hands to clear the cash...which would take me over a year with my casual level of play....add to that the fact that i'm not consistently making money right now, I'd rather play where the money is rolling in. Not to mention that I need to build some cash between now and Dec for the Vegas trip without dipping into the eye surgery fund that I have waiting for the new year.

Lunch over now...back to work and grinding out the last few hours of a Friday...have a great weekend all.


At 4:33 PM, Blogger Ignatious said...

k, i'm officially on tilt realizing that you are a pittsburgh fan living in columbus. shame, for shame! ;)

At 8:56 PM, Blogger MVilla888 said...

cmon Iggy...don't be like that...


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