Monday, October 24, 2005

Weekend Update and Live Blogging

Let's see....finished the bathroom...just need to wait for it to dry and then grout the tiles...hope it turns out ok....

Steelers and OSU won their respective football games, so a great weekend in that respect.

ok...scrubbed out of the Pokerstars Bloggers tourney, had 2 pair and lost to a 3 outer on the river...sigh.

8pm - doing well qualifier for the Bahamas...this will probably be my kiss of death, but I'm the chip leader as we hit the 3 hour mark of the tourney...35 of the original 193 still playing for the top 3 spots. Been catching some nice cards and flops, will see how this plays out.

8:25 - still chip leader...down to final 27 players and just finished the third break.

8:55 - still chip leader....have about a 10k lead over second place....24 players remaining....last two hands...folded Qs2s to mid-position raise from the BB...flop Q-2-5 and the guy goes all hand i have 2-3 and fold...flop comes down A-4-6...two players go all in and a 5 spikes on the turn...would have taken them both out with th estraight...sigh.....

9:03 - 43k in chips, KK hits trips and knocks out AQ, then Jd8d knocks off Kd10d when I flop 2 pair and take him out. almost 20k lead over 2nd place...

9:05 - called modest raise with JQos, hits 2 pair on the flop, both check, anotehr Q on river gives me full boat...he checks, I toss a small raise at the pot, he goes all in, I call...he has Q-10 and I take his chips too...52K in chips.

9:20 - break.....I have 72k in chips....2nd place is 31k, final 14 players in the tourney.....hands starting to shake now. table in second place...down to about 50k...lost some chips trying to bust some small stacks....table is very tight right now.

10:30 - still in 2nd by a couple thousand...15 minute break now. chip leader has about 80k, I'm in second with 41k. not many flops getting on the table....pre-flop raises getting most pots. I'm pretty card dead, so hoping things pick up after this break.

11:45...down to final 5 in 3rd place...very tight race now....just survived an all in against AA and caught my flush draw to cripple one of the big stacks and double up to third.....just waiting for cards now.

soooooo close......midnight now and my QQ just got busted by AA and I finished in 5th place. Can't even begin to type my frustrations after being so close to that trip and playing with the pros in January. Was in the BB and caught of the chip leaders raised to 6k (blinds 1-2k) and I went over the top of him all in....he called quickly and had the pocket rockets to take me disappointed now. and I have to get up in 5 hours to get on a plane to Jersey....sigh.


At 3:11 PM, Blogger Frank Nagai Jr. said...

Most impressive Moe. My condolences on the bubbling.


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