Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bathroom Update and some poker

Worked at drying out the wall last night...ended up pluggin in a space heater, running the fan and closing the door to dry out the wall...seemed in much better shape by the end of the evening...will check again this afternoon when I get home and hopefully replace the tiles. Spent part of last evening scraping off all the old glue and such from the tiles that had fallen out...such fun.

Girls decided to put themselves to bed last night at 8pm, so I had an hour to hit UB and play some poker...ended up cashing off the table with +$149 if memory serves me correctly this morning....was up almost $300 at one point, but missed a flush draw with AK suited and then got beat when I had AcQc, caught a Q and a flush draw on the flop, missed the flush draw and future improvement and lost to KK....saw a few other flops with suited connectors or mid-pairs, but failed to improve and folded to bets with overcards on the table. Did start out with AA in my first hand (that held up) and then caught full boats on 2 of next 5 hands to take down nice complaints.

Watched that's such a tease each week, as they just pull back the onion layer by layer each week to give you a little more of a glimpse of the story....great TV show though.

Pretty much called it a night...trying to figure out if I'm headed fr NJ tonight...back to the phones now...


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