Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mr. Fix-it and other randomness

Yesterday started with a shot to the junk....while standing half-comatose in the shower, I put my foot on the soap dish in the wall (I know, I's a soap dish, not a foot rest), as my back issues don't afford me the flexability that I would like to have to soap up them toes of mine, and the damn things falls off the wall and lands on my other now I'm standing on one foot trying to keep my balance and not fall over. Put my foot down (onto another piece of tile that fell off) and try to examine how bad my foot is...of course, with no glasses on, all I can see is a blur on the tub floor, but thankfully no blood is apparant on the white at least I'm not badly damaged. Proceed to finish with a quick shower, trying to keep too much water from hitting the bare drywall and not step on the tile pieces that I can't see to pick up...but can sure feel them when I step on them.

So with that kind of start to the day, it pretty much goes in the crapper from there....end up getting roped into a huge data search for another department....current list shows about 750 documents from the last 4 yers that I have to find, copy and submit for the end of the week....good thing I have direct reports to do the grunt work, but they're not going to be happy about it. But end up at work until 5:45 trying to get it all organized to hand off to them today to get started.

Stop at Lowes to get the repair supplies for the shower...luckily all I was stepping on in the shower ended up being broken grout, not tiles, so they can all be saved and replaced. Upon closer examination last night, it looks like there are at least two more tiles that were loose, so out they came to be repaired. Nothing like sitting in the tub with an extension cord and hair drier trying to dry out the wall.....after about 20 minutes, I decided to give the drier a break and let the wall air dry for another night....hoping it is dried out by tonight so I can get the patching done, as it needs 72 hours to dry before using the shower....sigh.

So needless to say, no poker last night, except for watching the ESPN coverage of the WSOP...did enjoy seeing Phil Hellmuth get beaten in a couple of hands, although I think he could have been baited into giving up more chips with his AK with top pair against the full boat if the old guy hadn't bet quite so much....pretty much told Phil that he could beat top pair. Also enjoyed the Mike Matusow spot with him getting his multiple penalties for dropping the f-bomb....found it funny with the way the pit boss handeled it...."have to give you a 10 minute penalty....ok, now 20.....ok now 30 minutes..."....was very funny to see on tape.

Anyway, gotta get to work now...later.


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