Thursday, October 13, 2005

Slow day so far

wow...had a whole list of things to do at work this week and finished them all by this what is a QA manager to do.....waste time trolling the blogs of the internet and doing some writing of my own...

My back has been bothering me more over the last couple of weeks...Especially in the morning, nothing like walking around the house hunched over like a 90 year old man for the first hour after waking up. The chiropractor adjustments don't seem to be fixing the problem, so I'm not sure what to do next...Probably start up a diet again and get better at some exercise...sigh...hate excercise.

Not much on the poker news front. May try and get home early tomorrow to play in Wil Wheton's Pokerstars tourney at 4pm...$10 buy in to play against Wil and a bunch of poker bloggers,should be a good time if I can get out of here early. Played a few minutes on PokerStars last night, made about $50 over two sessions at $5/10. Ended up with pretty crappy cards and was able to win the couple of good hands I got dealt. I was very happy with the start of the second session (post-Lost...great show if you're not watching it)...anyway, started the second session with KK in the big blind....6 limpers pre-flop all call my raise from the BB and see a flop of AJA...I know I'm dead at this point, as someone out there has an A for the trips, crushing my KK. Everyone checks to me and I decide to toss $5 into the pot and see what happens.....everyone calls!!!! Amazing. So now the pot is large enough...about $100, that I know this is going to a showdown due to the pot odds. So the turn brings a Q and I'm looking at a possible straight to salvage the pot. Again, all checked to me and I probably should have taken the free card to try and hit the straight, but I hit the bet button instead and fire $10 into the pot...first three guys fold, then I get a cold call, and everyone else I know I have Ax sitting accross the table from me, and I'm drawing to a K for a boat or a 10 for a straight....river brings a 6 and I'm dead in the water. I check to him and make a crying call on his bet to see him with AQ for a full boat, confirming that I was pretty much drawing dead after the flop.

Was able to finish the session up about $30 after playing very tight over about 5 circuts on the table. Was able to suck out a flush on one hand and make a full boat on another with my pocket 2s for a couple of nice pots.

~~~~Lunch break~~~~

So...where was I? I really need tofigure out how to put video up on the site, as Danielle's b-day party is this weekend and would like to put up a clip of her at her party for everyone to see. Any suggestions from anyone?

Not much else going on....Jen getting closer and closer to having the baby...should know more after her next appointment on Oct 28. Will keep everyone posted as to any developments.



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