Monday, October 10, 2005

Blue Monday

Have to update the world after that post on Friday.

Had a great time Friday night dealing at a poker tourney here in town. Private company party that was very well done (ie, free food, free booze, and skantily clad models from LA). Was a great time and the only mistake I made dealing was on the first hand when I inadvertantly grabbed the guys cards from seat one as part of the muck after he ahd bet into the pot. He was cool with it and I returned his bet to keep everything right. He made sure to keep his cards back from the table and I made sure not to grab them again. Saw some terrible play, but it was a freeroll for them, so lots of gambling going on. all in all a great time, and I made money for the evening with no gambling involved, so it's all good.

Jen worked long shifts on Sat and Sunday, so I was able to play on UB some more...was able to build my remaining $250 from the disaterous session last week back up to $750 over the course of the weekend by grinding out on the $5/10 tables. Not sure why I play better at this level, but seems like I play just tight enough to stay solid at the table, but catch cards at the right times and make the right gambles to win some nice pots. All in all a nice boucne-back from the huge loss last week.

Contrary to my beliefe that I could step up from $5/10 to $30/60, I just can't do it with the bank-roll I currently (or had last week) have at my disposal, for the obvious reasons. I have to stick with the playing at $5/10 and just build the bankroll just like everyone else....while trying to hit a big score by jumping up 203 levels sounds like a great idea, it's a huge gamble, and one that my bankroll and nerves can't take again.

So now I'm focused on bulding a reasonable bankroll for the Vegas trip in Dec. Less than 2 months to go, so if everythign goes well, I should have a nice chunk of change to be able to mess with in Vegas for the 5 days I'll be there. I'll probably stick with small tourneys and such, possibly some small cash games ($1/2 NL or $5/10 limit), but will depend on how the first couple of days go as I adjust to some serious live play. Just have to make sure I have enough left for the bloggers tourney on Sat.

Later all.....and Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife. I'm a lucky man to have such a great partner in the trials and tribulations that life throws at us.


At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Jen Villa said...

Thank you Honey, but I think I'm the lucky one. I've been very blessed to have you in my life. I love you more than you know.


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