Friday, September 16, 2005


Hello all...trying to muddle my way through the last couple of hours of a Friday afternoon. Feel I deserve the down time, as the last few days have been very chaotic. Work is very busy, as we're in the midst of our holiday rush of new products going into production to support holiday sales that start in mid-October. Crazy to be worrying about holiday now, but it is the bulk of our business.

Had a couple of conversations with my mom over the last couple of days....I think we're on the path to mending some fences at this point, although she has steppd over some lines with some of her comments, but I guess she's feeling that she has nothing to loose at this point and is being 'honest' with everyone regardless of the toes she steps on.

Have finalized a trip to Vegas in December...3 days of training conferences for work at Ceasar's Palace and then a couple of days at the Imperial Palace to meet some of the other poker bloggers for a weekend of poker and partying. I'm very excited about the trip...been too long since I've been in Sin City. On top of that, some of my local pals are trying to make the trip, so that should make it even better.

Not much to speak of on the poker tables....going through a dry spell of live play, as my schedule just hasn't allowed me to make any of the local home games. Played a bit on UB the other night while Jen was at work....back to $5/10 and a nice run of about +$600 so far this month. Mostly just hitting sessions for +$30 to +$120....nothing huge, but able to stay positive. Had to wkr my butt off on Tuesday, as I was down $200 at one point and was able to catch some hands and hit some flush draws to go on a nice run that put me back up $20 at the end of it....played until the blinds hit me, pretty much folding around the table until I hit AA UTG....raised and had a few callers....flop hit K-J-2 rainbow and I lead into the pot again....get 1 caller and everyone else folds. Turn hits a 10 and I'm looking at top pair with a gutshot straight draw....I bet and get raised, so I figure he's made 2 pair or the straight already....but I call and see a lovely lady hit the board on the turn, giving me the nut straight and at least a split pot....I bet, he raises, I reraise and he caps and flips over a set of Ks against my straight....serves him right for slow playing a flopped set.....ended up picking up another $60 or so on the hand and leaving the table up about $90 or so.....was very happy to walk away at that point and watch the bankroll grow a bit more for Vegas....

Have a great weekend all.....


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