Friday, October 07, 2005

Mad at myself

have to vent here....Jen worked last night and I had a quiet house to myself after getting the girls to bed to play some poker on UB. Started with about $1200 in my account and decided to try and make some quick cash and play $30/60...plan was to play very tight and try and pick up some hands and some pots....overall worked well, as after about 30 minutes I was up $1100 when the table started to break up. So I left the table and watched happily as my account was updated to about $2300. How sweet it is (was).

Decided to give $10/20 a try, as I hadn't played at the limit in awhile and figured I could employ the same tight strategy and at least clear some bonus money....sat down with $1000 and fought with the table and the cards for about 45 minutes before giving up after loosing about $ at this point I'm still up $700 for the night with a respectable $1900 in my account.....

And then my brain goes to sleep for the night and my ego/greed kicks in...why not play $30/60 again and make some more quick cash....HUGE MISTAKE. Proceed to sit dwn with $1500 and watch it all flow away, as I get sucked into a very loose game and get bit by the bug to play loose as well...pitched hands that would have won, chased loosers and watched the whole $1500 drain away over the course af about 45 minutes. So now my UB account shows a smashing $250.

I'm such an idiot sometimes....once again I smacked myself in the head and played when I was in the wrong mood (tired/depressed) and then went on tilt trying to outplay the loose players at the table. While I did watch a very loose player piss away about $3000 at the table, it was just very poor play on my part. So I'm headed back to the $5/10 tables and will work on grinding my way back to a respectable bankroll. Thankfully I have a nice chunk of change sitting in mt Neteller account, so all is not lost.

I'm actually thinking that I may switch sites for awhile and play some tourneys on PokerStars to try and qualify for their WPT event in January. They just announced that they are starting sattelite tourneys, so I may give that a try, as I need to work on my no-limit game to get ready for the Vegas trip in December. Definately need to take some time and get last night out of my head though. Time to get to work...TTFN.


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