Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Decline of Work Productivity

Should be working on 100 different things here at work, but yet I sit updating my blog....that will show those IT weenies for shutting off my access to fantasy football sites and dedicated employee can always find ways to wate time at work....

Anyway, a quick update on the last couple of days and the coming weeks. Played some $5/10 on UB on Monday night....played a grand total of 42 hands and left the table up $250. Was the most amazing run of cards I have ever seen....over the 42 hands, I had high pocket pairs 7 times (JJ and above), including AA and KK twice. Pocket Rockets won twice, KK lost once on a rivered flush draw, JJ got dropped on a flop of A-K-2 when my initial bet was reraised. otherwise everything won big. Also hit AcKc for a flopped A high flush that saw not one, not 2, but 3 players follow me to the river. The Hammer (27os) saw a flop from the BB to see a flop of 7-7-2 and another nice pot....58os from the small blind finds a open ended straight on the rainbow flop and complete the straight on the turn....was simply amazing...I couldn't get the money into the pot fast enough. Was raising enough pre-flop to get 3-4 callers consistantly as they figured I was just a maniac....then I'd show them AA or KK at showdown and they'd back off for a hand or two. As much as I wanted to keep playing the table, my action was starting to dry up (as well as the run of good cards), so I took my $250 and ran with it.

Played in the Bloggers tourney on Titan last night for Pauly's Birthday. Didn't get to sit with Pauly in the tourney, made it past the first break, doubling up with AA from the SB and busting one of the players that went all-in with A-9 pre-flop. Played too many flops with marginal hands and ended up going all in post-flop with QhQd on a flop of 10h-7d-6h, getting called by a big stack with As-10c and watching him catch a 10 on the turn to wipe me out...and for the record, Titan has to be one of the worst sites I've played at....action seems very slow, the little clock buzzer that goes off if you don't make your decision in 5 seconds is annoying as well, and the avatars are all pretty generic. I have about $140 in bonus to try and work off, but I may just walk away from the site and only play there when necessary (ie, blogger events). It's too bad, as they have some great promotions and such, but the software just sucks.

Not much else to say...Jen and the girls are doing fine after Danielle had a stomach virus over the weekend. Nothing worse than watching a 4 yr old get sick over and over again....heart wrenching. Thankfully no one else has shown any signs of getting the far, so good.

I'll be in NJ/NY tomorrow and Friday visiting 3 different suppliers. Will be up near Syracuse on Thursday evening...not sure if there's anyplace I can get into any trouble in that area. Will be back in CA next week...probably no time to visit Bicycle or Commerce, but who knows.

time to get some work done.


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