Friday, July 15, 2005

July 15, 2005

Not much news going on....been looking at borders for the baby's room, which has been more difficult since Jen shot down my idea of getting a Steeler's based border and then putting all of my Steelers stuff in the baby's room....don't want to run the risk that the baby is anything but a Steeler's fan. I guess we're looking at planes or teddy bears for the baby.....sigh ;-)

Looking forward to playing some poker tonight and again over the weekend. Will be on UB tonight after the girls go to bed (8:30-9) and hope to get a nice winning streak started again. Then we'll be headed to Toledo over the wekend for Julie's baby shower....the gals will be doing the baby shower, the guys will be next door playing cool is that. Then I'm dealing for a local charity event on Monday evening back here in Columbus and making a few bucks for my time, so that's all good.

Looks like the WSOP is winding down in Vegas...down to the final table late last night...Raymer and Ivey both got knowcked out yesterday, so Mike Matusow is that last 'name' player left, so it will be intertaining to watch him on the final table....he's guaranteed a million at least at this point, so I'd be pretty happy to exchange seats with him for the day.

Time for work now...ttfn.


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