Sunday, June 12, 2005

Streak ends

After 9 straight positive session at $5/10 (up $950) I just dropped my first negative session this morning over about 45 minutes of play...($-172). Had been playing pretty even until the following hand came up:
BillJoel is at seat 0 with $687.
SlickMaster is at seat 1 with $858.
bhickey is at seat 2 with $427.
rjr1647 is at seat 3 with $513.
vandy1120 is at seat 4 with $66.
MVilla888 is at seat 5 with $336.50.
tqo is at seat 6 with $51.
pokerclem is at seat 7 with $536.50.
ru1992 is at seat 9 with $431.
The button is at seat 7.
ru1992 posts the small blind of $2.

BillJoel posts the big blind of $5.
BillJoel: -- --

SlickMaster: -- --
bhickey: -- --
rjr1647: -- --
vandy1120: -- --
MVilla888: Js 8s
tqo: -- --
pokerclem: -- --
ru1992: -- --
SlickMaster calls. bhickey folds. rjr1647 calls.vandy1120 folds. MVilla888 calls. tqo folds.pokerclem folds. ru1992 folds. BillJoel checks.

Flop (board: 8c Kc Jd):

BillJoel bets $5. SlickMaster folds. rjr1647 raises to $10. MVilla888 calls. BillJoel calls.
In hindsight...I should have raised here I think, but I'm pretty sure that BillJoel would have called down anything with AJ at this point....maybe not....

Turn (board: 8c Kc Jd Jh):

BillJoel checks. rjr1647 checks. MVilla888 bets$10. BillJoel raises to $20. rjr1647 folds. MVilla888 re-raises to $30. BillJoel re-raises to$40. MVilla888 calls.
OK...I know he has a J at this point, but I don't think he has KJ since he didn't reraise post flop. I figure him for AJ or 10-J at this point (as he had played 10-J in previous hands.

River (board: 8c Kc Jd Jh As):

BillJoel bets $10. MVilla888 raises to $20.BillJoel re-raises to $30. MVilla888 calls.

Sigh...smelled a rat on the reraise and pretty much knew he had AJ at this point....had to call it though....

BillJoel shows Jc Ad.BillJoel has Jc Ad Jd Jh As: full house, jacks full of aces.
MVilla888 mucks cards.(MVilla888 has Js 8s.)
Hand #6413407-3469 Summary:
$3 is raked from a pot of $192.BillJoel wins $189 with full house, jacks full of aces

So, instead of turning around my session with a huge pot, I drop about $85 on this hand and can't recover...hopefully will turn it around again this evening after the girls go to bed.


At 5:42 PM, Blogger Frank Nagai Jr. said...

1) Pre-Flop - I'm reading Sklansky's 'Hold'em just now, and J8s is a 'group 6' hand there. There are 8 groups plus trash hands. If I'm interpreting Sklansky right, you can 'correctly' limp with J8 suited from middle or late, but not get into a p***ing contest with those cards.

2) Flop - Your play looks okay to me.

3) Turn - Your play looks okay.

4) River - It cost you 10 extra to find out whether you had second-best hand on a $190 pot? I guess you could have saved a bet by checking and then calling, but it's pretty tough to walk away from a boat, isn't it?


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