Thursday, June 09, 2005

Day home from work

Jen had a rough night last night and we ended up at the baby doctor to make sure everything was and Jen are just fine, so thank goodness for that. So if anyone tried to catch up with me at work, I'll get the messages tomorrow. She's feeling better now (after some rest) and I'm going to get dinner started soon. One of our neighbors watched the girls at the last minute for us, and then made us a nice chicken cassarole for dinner, since we weren't sure what the outcome of the doctor's visit was going to be. Was very nice of them, and Jen and I will have to reciprocate in some way.

Also, a fun note from last night...I was wandering the aisles of Blockbuster when I ran into the same neighbor (Lennie) and her two boys...they had been looking for Star Wars 4 & 5 (the first 2 from the series in the 80's) to watch, but they were out of copies at the store...I had mine and was happy to let them borrow them...made my evening to see the eldest sone (7-8 years old) light up and he started bouncing around like it was Christmas...just doing my best to mold the sci-fi geeks of

Planning on some poker tonight on UB...(finally)...haven't played since Sunday and I should be able to get some hands in tonight (especially after I got a nap in this afternoon as well....sweet). Will follow up with any report from the session later tonight or tomorrow. I'm also going to pour over my PT stats for awhile, as I have been looking more and more at my V$IP (vol. money in pot...basically how many times I play hands) and I am consistently a 30% player...have been for the past 6 months even though I try and play 'tight' aggression factor is solid (1.8) and I have a decent win at showdown percentage (46.9%) which all places me in a slightly-loose, solid, aggressive player (per PT rating rules). I'm a pretty decent $5/10 player...with a 71% session win rate...although win I loose, I tend to drop $200 or so, and some of my 'positive sessions' are for $ that is not a fantastic stat to base anything on...but it's nice to look at.

Anyway, I don't think that I play out of the ordinary hands....if anything, I probably play week Ax hands more than I are my top/bottom 5 hands by profitability...

KK 75% win +597

AJo 68% +477
JJ 69% +367
QQ 68% +355
AKs 89% +260

33 54% +257

A5s 21% -255
AKo 54% -253 (I obviously need to learn to let go of big slick)
J10o 24% -228
J10o 24% -228
Q8o 6% -219
KJo 37% -173

Interesting....Q8 is one of my favorite pet hands....I think I won an online tourney last summer playing Q8 and hit a full house on the flop, so I tend to play it much more than I should (yikes...6% win rate with it...yuck). In general, it looks like I need to let go of playing "paint" cards quite so much, as I'm loosing a good chunk of change playing those hands...I think I get bored too easy playing tight at the tables and will then play paint cards with the perception that they're 'good'.....this was actually a very informative blog to write, as I see some holes in my game...I do believe that you have to 'give action to get action' at the I have to play some of them, but I'm playing too many of them based on these stats. While I doubt that I'll ever get myself to a 20% player, I would like to tighten up to 25% and get rid of some of these weaker hands from my playbook.

Thanks for reading everyone...any feedback would be appreciated.


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