Thursday, May 26, 2005

Back home...finally

Hello everyone....I am so happy to be back home after two weeks of jet setting all over New York and New Jersey. Nothing fun to report on the trip except for some great meals on the company dime....can't beat Ruth Chris' Steakhouse when you don't have to pick up the tab......and to be honest, Hooters is pretty cool as well when money is no object....the wings were great, the beer was cold and on the TV was great...if only those waitresses would have stopped walking by the whole time, I might be able to tell you who was playing....

Anyway, no trips scheduled for the next couple of weeks at this point, but I would expect that will change soon, as I know I'll be spending the better part of a week in Virginia sometime in June, and probably a week or so in California in late June/early July as well....and who knows how many 1-2 day trips as I work to chop out the GMP audits from the rest of the vendors.

Life is good otherwise, was great coming home to Jen and the girls last to watch the season finale of Alias, which is a FANTASTIC show for anyone that has missed it over the past 3 seasons....great mix of James Bond type adventure, intrigue, plot twists and character interactions that have meda for a great show....and every few episodes, Jennifer Garner ends up in a teddy or such, which helps me to keep tuning in every week.

Nothing new on the poker front...trying to lay off for a few days and try and get my head back on straight with the game....been kicking myself for the terrible play last weekend when I was pretty depressed...learned a valuable and expensive lesson over those couple of days. Have a couple of freerolls this weekend, so hopefully I can do well in them and get back in the swing of things. Hopeing to attend the league game next Tuesday night as well here in Columbus....nothing like freerolls.

Finally, for any family and friends reading this, make sure and remember that Monday is Jen's Birthday...Make sure to call or send a card for her.


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