Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday - end of the week, finally

So much to talk about this morning...where to begin.....

Bachelor days are here...Jen and the girls are in Toledo for a couple of days while her dad has some 'minor' surgery is really minor, especially at his age, so my thoughts will be with her and her family today as they await the outcome. The optimist in me says everything will be fine, he's a tough old man. That being said, dinner last night was typical of bachelor-hood days...taco-bell.....mmmmmmmmm.

Went to see a house out in Kirkersville last night...5 acres, pool, barn, 4 bedrooms, den, bi-level house. It was nice, but nothing that 'took my breath away'. Have an appointment on MOnday for all of us to see it, as well as other houses in the area I hope. Loved the land the house sits on, just not enamored by the house....solid and in good shape, but just not a wow.

Played some poker last night at Bishop's house...great game (Grasshopper, Froggie, Bishop, Queen, Ice and Chris?..can never remember the big guys name)....had a blast goofing around and such....I played a very aggressive game, playing lots of hands and got burned for it...I think I was the first out in each game....was getting good starting hands, Ax suited, KK, QQ, AK, etc but missing completly on the flop and running into flushes and such. The Queen was red-hot, as she took down both games on the night, ousting Froggie both the first game, he had a 4-1 chip lead on her.....4 straight all in bets from the Queen with a weaker hand that she caught cards with and she takes down the first game. She and Froggie end up pretty much even heads up in the second game and she does it to him again....was actually pretty funny at the time, but had to be rough for Froggie to play that well and walk out down $20. But like I said...the night was fantastic and I made a great time joking around with Grasshopper said..."what is the worst that could happen?"

Planning on playing at the Preacher's game tonight, so hopefully I can catch some cards and make some money....of course, I'm also hoping to win the Mega-Millions lotto tonight (102 million), so hopefully it will be a great night for me.....wheeeeee.

Looks like a quiet day at work least so far, as the building is pretty quiet right now...time for breakfast. TTFN.


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