Monday, June 06, 2005

Start of another week

Looks like a good one here at work...boss is in Europe for the week, so that should keep things more relaxed here today. I have to cover for a couple of my direct reports today that are out on vacation, so that will keep me busy, but not overly that is a great thing. Going to look at some new houses tonight in Pataskala after work with Jen and the girls, so that should be fun. One of them is an old brick Victorian style home in Pataskala, so that should be cool. I don;t think we're seriously considering moving right now, but if the right house comes along...who knows.

Have had a great run at poker over the last few days....played Sat evening and was up about $70 at the $5/10 tables on UB after slipping down $200 at the beginning of the session, was able to get a rush late and end up positive for the session, so that was cool...then verything clicked last night...was hitting sets and nut flushes left and right....ended up $300+ for the evening, so I'm back on a winning streak now (6 straight positive sessions for about +500 over the last week)...was able to pull money back of the site and still have profit to play we'll see if the cashout curse hits again. I was studying more of my pokertracker stats last night as well...found the detail areas that show my day/time session stats....looks like I'm more profitable on the weekends and late in the week (Thur-Fri) than Mon-Wed....not sure if that means more casual/weaker players are playing on weekends, or better players early in the week...will have to keep an eye out on those stats. Going to keep looking at PT and trying to find any additional gems or holes in my's still saying that I play too many I'm in pots about 30% of the time...I guess statistically a tight player should only be playing about 20% of their hands....but I like to see cheap flops with suited connectors, small pairs and such, as there is a huge upside when you hit those hands...and I don't want to get labeled too tight, as you don't get action on the big hands. Trust me, when monitoring a player online and they're only playing 15-20% of their hands and they come in for a raise, they have a monster and you have to bail unless you have one as's funny to watch other players bet aganst them with their Ax hands and get run over by KK or AA every time. then they complain about their 'bad luck' when all they have to do is pay attention and realize that their opponent is only playing with top hands.

Nothing much scheduled for this week...meeting with a life insurance adjustor tomorrow to review my policies and probably getting Jen one as well...have to make sure the girls (and new baby) are taken care of just in case. May also look over my 401k and such to see if we're on the right track for me to retire someday.

Time for breakfast....TTFN.


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