Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Made the big time

For any fans of poker blogs, please check out the link below "Tao of Poker". This guy is the best and is currently doing live coverage blogs from the WSOP...much better coverage than we're seeing from Cardplayer or any of the other sites. Up to the minute play and results...very cool, and very well written....and to top it off, he's added me on his links for poker cool is that.

Not much poker to speak of...finally received confermation that my cash out from UB has occured and now I'm waiting for the transfer from Netteller to my home account. Of course, UB is now offering a 50% reload bonus for the next couple of days, so I may trya nd pull more cash off UB, let it hit Netteller and then redeposit it back on UB to up my bonus amount again...I currently have about $350 in bonus cash to clear, but another $100 in free money is always cool. Hoping to play some poker this weekend, either in a local home game or definately some UB. Have a half day on Friday here at work, so we're trying to plan an outing with the girls...maybe the zoo or something if the weather cooperates.

Not much else going on....take care all.


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