Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Poker League Follow-up

Quick announcement...for any local Columbus poker players reading my blog, you should all try and get over to the Classic Bar & Billiards on Stygler Rd in Gahanna on Tuesday nights. Great bar and some fantastic poker in the RatPack Poker League. Games start at 6:30 and 9pm and last about 2 hours. Drink specials to poker players and prizes for the winners of each tourney. Had a great time last night and highly recommend it.

Speaking of last's this for a quick tourney exit....first hand in the second session, I was sitting under the gun with A-Jos and limp in (as do the other 3 players at the table)...flop comes down Jc-3c-5c, giving me top pair but putting a flush on the board. Blinds check to me and I bet 20 (blinds 5-10)...Button folds and blinds both call me...Turn comes with Ad giving me top 2 pair, both blinds check again and I fire 50 into the pot...small blind folds and big blind (Flanders) smooth calls me....I should have had warning signals going off in my head, but was enamored by the top 2 pair I had just hit...river gives up a blank, Flanders checks to me and I fire 100 into the pot...he quickly calls and flips 2 clubs over for a flopped flush and takes the pot and about half of my starting stack.
Next hand, I see A-10os from the big blind...everyone limps in to me and I raise to 20 again...all call....flop comes A-xh-xh, putting a heart draw on the table and my top pair with solid kicker. Flanders checks from the small blind, I push 20 into the pot and Rick calls me (can't remember what Flanders did)...turn brings a club and I fire another bet into the pot (40), which is again called by Rick....river brings a 10h, giving me top 2 pair again, but completes the heart flush....I go all in and Rick calls and flips 2 hearts for the flush and takes me out of the tourney....two hands, top 2 pair in both and get beatin by flushes both times...good thing this was for fun and free.

On the family side....Ahsley is well on her way to being potty-trained...had an almost perfect day yesterday and is getting the hang of getting to the bathroom when she has to go....hopefully today will go as well and we'll be able to stop supporting papmers for a few months. Back to work now....


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