Friday, May 20, 2005

Long Week...Finally Friday

Whew...what a week....spent 3 1/2 days in NJ assisting in a vendor audit. Lots of long days and time spent reviewing files and SOP at the supplier...glad to be home. Of course, I'm heading back to NJ on Monday morning for another three day stint with auditing two additional vendors. No much fun to be had, and I'll be missing Jen and the girls again.

Ashley is on her way to becoming potty trained.....YEAH!!!!!! She had her first positive experience in the big potty yesterday afternoon, and has been working at it again today, so hopefully she'll get the hang of this soon and we'll be able to stop buying diapers for a few months at least.

Jen had a check up today with the baby...everything tested out's heartrate was strong and Jen is doing well with BP and such. Her energy level is coming back a bit, so that's a plus as well.

We're headed down to Circleville tomorrow on a whim to look at an old house on the market. Circleville is about 30 minutes south of Columbus on Rt 23...we're not real serious about buying something further south, but the house and price look very inviting...we'll see when we look through it tomorrow.

Poker has been a drag this past week....down about $450 over the last week total...feels like a 'cashout curse' from UB....I had almost $900 in my account....pulled $400 out to set aside my car payment fund and to clear a bonus on (got $100 bonus, but cost my $110 to clear it...go figure...was up initially, but hit a few beats of loosing boat against boat and K high flush to A high flush and dropped some profit). Anyway, UB has been the same way over the last few days while in NJ...was able to play via the hotel connection and was just getting terrible cards...lost most of the cash getting nickle and dimed on the $5/10 table with seeing flops with AK/AQ/KQs, etc and missing, or catching mid-pocket pairs and watching the flop hit AKJ...last hand (and my last $100) went on a hand of 88, a flop of 6-8-4 rainbow, I had raised pre-flop from late position and had 4 callers, checked to me and I bet post 2 callers and a raise, so I smooth called him and everyone stayed in...I figured he had a AK or a A6 suited and was going after middle pair with high kicker. Turn brought a 3, which I figured was no help...first two guys checked, guy to my right bets, I raise...both checkers fold and he reraises me, I cap the bet at $40 and he calls. River brings a 5, so now there is a one card straight on the board(7), but not much else....he bets, I raise, he reraises and I call my last $10 to see him flip over 77 to beat my set of 8s with the straight off the river. He collected a nice $165 pot and then proceeded to mock my play on the hand.....saying I should have known I was beat. My argument was that I had top set, and only a handful of cards beat me (any 7 or 2 for a flush on the board) and that he was an idiot for over betting a small pair the way he did....but he got lucky and I left the table....oh well....that's poker.

Not much else to discuss....some of the guys (Tom, Chris, Fitzy, Tom, etc) are coming over tomorrow afternoon for an afternoon of poker/Risk that's going to be a blast. Have a great weekend everyone.


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