Sunday, June 11, 2006

UB $200k Tourney - Live Blogging

4:59pm - Will make an attempt to update as the tourney progresses...approaching 800 players at the moment. First pays $47k.

5:05 - first guy out on first hand (not me)....QQ raises to, guy in late position goes all in and gets called...KK vs QQ and KK takes the lead in the tourney....I had 10-Jos.

5:07 - win my first hand of the night....late position AQos, raise to 120, get one caller, flop comes A-K-4...check to me and they fold to my 100 chip bet...yeah me.

5:26 - just picked up 2 pots in a row...JJ and 33 won me small pots.....just lost a nice one with 55 though....down to 1800 in chips.

5:42 - just moved tables....sitting at 1700 in chips still very card dead.

6:26 - made it through the break and hit a nice run of cards...up to 7170 and in 42nd place.

6:50 - bounced around a bit....took a hit down to 3000 in chips, back up to 6220 now...still in top 100 with 414 left.

7:30 - So much for busted with A-10os in the SB when I pushed pre-flop with 5000 in chips and was called by a guy with 6000 in chips and K-9os....he caught a K on the flop and the 10 on the trun didn't help me. Can't believe he made the call with K9os, but there you have it.

Moneymate - Blinds were 200-400, and I was sitting with about my M was getting low. I really just wanted to pick up the blinds and the limp in....very surprised that he called with 90% of his stack with K9os.



At 1:02 AM, Blogger moneymate said...

Mike, how much was the sb & bb when u pushed with ATo ?



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