Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Upcoming poker play

well...I've switched off of UB again. Dropped the $800 I deposited at the beginning of the month in a series of lost buy-ins at the $5/10 tables. Swiftest quick in the junk happened on the following hand with my final $200 on the table...

me - A-J suited (hearts)
SB - xx
BB - xx
donkey - X X

so, donkey calls the BB UTG...couple of players fold out to me in late position with the suited big slick. I raise to $10 and get the SB, BB and donkey to call me. Flop comes down K, Q, 6 with 2 clubs. All check to me and I toss a bet in the pot. SB and BB both fold and donkey smooth I'm thinking I may be in trouble, but I have the straight draw and a strong Ace, so we're off to the turn. 7 of clubs hits and he checks to this point I either bet to try and bluff out the pot or put him on a hand and he's waiting for a reraise....His play was generally timid, so I didn't put him on a re-raise...and if he does here, I fold the hand and walk away...I bet and he smooth calls again. WTF? A fourth club hits the river and know I'm pretty much dead here with my A high. He checks and I check behind him, not wanting to risk the re-raise against any random club he has in his hand. He flips over 4-4 with the four of clubs and rakes the pot. Now...WTF is he in this hand to the river for? He's dead on the flop to any number of hands I could have held...over pair...AK, AQ, etc. then he calls down to the river and takes down a nice pot with a crummy pair of fours. Amazing.

So...needless to say I've run crying from UB yet again to try and build my stack on another site. I'm up about $400 so far playing 6-handed $5/10...which is a bit of a change for me, as I've usually shied away from the shorthanded games, reasoning that I can see more hands outside of the blinds each round...but I'm finding that the good hands stand up a bit better against 5 players rather then 9 players...the short-handed sessions have been good to me so far. matter of fact I was up about $350 in one session before loosing a good chunk with AA against 66 when we both flopped a set and he rivered quads to take down a pot that we capped on the turn and river...not upset about that pot, as I had him dominated 6 ways from Sunday until the poker gods give him the one outer on the river. I then proceeded to drop another $150 in successive hands (QQ looses to A7 when he hits an A on the turn) and then AQ versus AK when we both flop an A and I loose to a close kicker battle.

So while I was jubliant at one minute being up $350, I was struggling to stay up $100 in about 4 hands. I bounced back up to +$150 before walking away from the table. Hopefully I can get some play in later this week, but we're pretty busy getting ready to put the house on the market, so that takes precident.



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